Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Thief of Time

"Ahh...escape from the day."
That may sound foreign or even 'sinful' to some, but just how often has the 'speed of life' prevented you from doing something that you want to do at your own speed...

Across the water, there arises
hillsides lush and vast;
evergreen upon the static
waters now be cast.
No wind is to disturb the lake,
just several jumping fish,
and a few kids casting coins,
each to 'make a wish.'

The serenity of scenery
is valued and desired
at a time when life, itself,
it would appear so 'tired.'
Tired of the 'daily news'
that varies o so little...
God uses His Own handiwork
to give such news 'acquittal!'
And so He does this day as these eyes
scan the mighty lake
taking in the wonderments
His hand, alone, to make!
He knows the makings of His hand
distract me while alive
to refuel from His Great Word
until I shall arrive!

So busy is the life we have
with all the needs to be.
But He sees it does not 'consume'
our drive and sanity!
Trust Him with your very own life,
He knows what to do--
even in the days that are
when sureties are few!

I know I am not alone in confessing that, in the days that are, too many things are competing for our time and attention!  Just look at the time that you set aside to spend with God each day!  Look at how 'life' tries to prevent that!  DON'T LET IT!  Don't let it rob you of other blessings, either!


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