Sunday, December 12, 2021

The Stricken

As we go about doing all that we can, there is a growing group of folks that have been robbed of such freedom.  What do we say to them as we go about a 'season of celebration and giving?'

So many are the masses
answers to infirmities--
they be anticipating.
While others scramble here and there
with 'Christmas' preparation,
the same amount, (if not much more,)
await their restoration!

A waiting room inside a city,
anywhere, USA.
Each race and age and walk of life,
for answers, do they pray!
The gamut of infirmities
has stricken all the earth;
in HIS season of 'celebration'
it's cause to ponder 'worth:'
the worth of every moment as
the seconds pass us by;
they so become more valuable
as we occupy;
the preciousness of every person
as we look around--
so fortunate are we, I see,
as we remain yet sound!

Yea, so many are the masses
in 'waiting rooms' they all.
BUT GOD, He is so well aware
and answers to the call!
Aware and so available,
just call upon His Name!
His perfect peace and blest assurance
ANYONE may claim!!

Be wary of their presence always.  Be wary of your location always!  Be open to Holy Spirit's lead should He direct you to these folks.  YOU just may be the 'Christmas Gift' that they are looking for and needing!


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