Sunday, December 19, 2021

The Main Focus!

Oh, the glorious sights and sounds and scents this time of year!  It is a time of celebration, a time of giving and, of most import, a time to focus on JESUS!

The joy and celebration--
it belongs to Christ alone!
Though rite and ritual would be
so very widely known,
'Christmas,' it be Christ alive
and newer with each day!
Know Him as The Truth, The Life,
The only Living Way!

Yes, He is Christmas--regardless if
life's busy or it's slow!
He would have His perfect peace
inside each heart to know!
Regardless of the weather,
regardless of the 'rush,'
the celebration and the song
of Jesus brings a 'hush!'

So press on with tradition,
celebration and the song;
and make the source of celebration
be that YOU BELONG!
Because of Jesus, we can fete
The Father with our praise,
and even gift each other as
we celebrate the days!

The stresses of the season
would He eliminate
to free us to enjoy His Son
Who is so very great!

Oh how wonderful Christmas becomes when the Truth of Christmas is made known to us!  The 'world' has its ways and means of celebrating 'The Holidays.'  Oh, but WE have The Truth of CHRISTmas--Jesus Christ alive!


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