Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Gift of Employment!

How many folks are there who can say that about their job?  I know a few, but I hear more and more folks complain about the duties that they have.  Hmm...

"Back to the place that I MUST go
five days out of the week.
Once more, a day enjoyable
is looking mighty bleak!
Already is a line around
that place where I must be.
I smile and laugh and take their cash
for hours...woe is me!"

I hear that from so many people
all throughout my day.
Thus, I do my best to lift them up
and send them on their way.
A smile and warm greeting--
they can go so far, you see;
and I've NEVER had aforesaid
mention 'job--' what's wrong with me?

For it's The Lord that keeps that smile
upon the heart of me!
In seeing HIM as my employer,
labor's balance be!
Every day is different, while 
each one remains the same.
The 'check' is secondary, as
I labor for His Name!

'Stuck' in a position where
you can't see much ahead...
Could it be, to that very job,
you were divinely led?
A 'paycheck' only now you see,
but GREAT is your reward
as long as you are FAITHFUL, you
will prosper from The Lord!

"I have to go to work today?"  NO!!  I GET to go to work today!  For God has blessed me with that humble position that I have, and I will let His Light shine there every time I show up!

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