Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The Freedom of 'Knowing!'

There is a lot of searching going on at this time of year.  Countless folks out there looking for 'that perfect gift.'  There are even some out there searching for purpose and identity!  Let me share where THAT is found..

There is a New Star high above,
so glorious in skies!
It serves as guidance and direction
unto the most wise.
Three of the most wise followed it
in many ages past;
it led them to a Baby Boy--
their wonderment was cast!!

A New Star shining high above,
and newer every day!
That Star--for He came as The Truth,
The Life, The Only Way!
He guides so freely even yet
to ANY that would ask...
and His guidance has no limit--
He is up for any task!

A New Star shone so long ago,
He shines yet even now;
and, all the richer, be the ones
that, unto Him, would bow!
His Name is JESUS!  He commands
the very stars above!
Call on His Name at all times,
you will find no greater love!

We have an entire season that
commemorates His birth!
For He gives life!  He establishes
our lives' very worth!
Yes, WE ARE WORTHY!  He affirms it
shining His Great Star!
Oh, see 'Christmas' as opportunity
to discover who YOU are!!

Jesus Christ already knew Who He is before He even came!  Father God knew it even more so!  Perhaps it's time for YOU to find out who YOU are IN JESUS CHRIST!  For He waits with open arms!!


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