Monday, December 13, 2021

The Christmas 'Rush!'

So it seems as we attempt to go here and there and accomplish as much as we can!  BUT WAIT!  What's it all about anyway?

That Holy Day approaches fast

regardless our desire!
Oh that the hours slow a bit,
His glory to admire!
Time to put the heart into 
the days and weeks that are...
this world would have us all believe
such is behind us far!
the heart that yearns to give!
I KNOW that I can MAKE the time,
the perfect gift, to give!

Oh, let not the speed of life dictate
our quality of 'giving.'
For such a time as this, the devout
remain abundantly living!
And no matter how fast life goes by
we, we shall find a way
to bless the ones yet so deserving
all throughout the day!

Yes, ignore the speed of 'merchandise'
and follow your own heart!
For that's the only way, my friend,
great gifts to so impart!
Release yourself to Jesus' timeline--
much more will get done!
Focus on The Reason--for Christ
is the ONLY One!

Let God Most High take the lead.  Not only during Christmas season, but ALWAYS!  You will be surprised at what all gets done with Him in control of your life!

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