Monday, December 20, 2021

The Awe and Spectacle of JESUS!!

That's what the three wise men travelled so far to behold!  Now, thanks to the grace of God, we can behold such every moment...without even leaving our knees!!

"Oh, let not the awe and spectacle
about You disappear!
May we ever keep the wonder come
upon a midnight clear!
Oh too often and too many face
Your season with some dread
when joy and expectation of
Your Self should be instead.

It is Your birthday, Jesus, but
are YOU forefront in mind?
Instead, too many rush about,
'the perfect gift' to find!
How few to grasp the Truth of
happiness throughout the days;
if many more would do so it would
amplify Your praise!
And so simple it be for them, Lord,
to find 'the Truth of Season!
It's not about 'pleasing everyone,'
But some find it's too simple to
accept that He's 'The Way.'
Such to generate a stress
that's hard to go away!

The awe and spectacle of what
was in the Manger then.
For You so captured the attention
of the wisest men!
May WE so focus on Your PRESENCE
and not PRESENTS here!
Yea, focus on the wonderments
of Jesus Christ come near!

GOD come to us in the form of a baby??  Yes, and with Great Purpose!  Let not that Purpose be ignored by YOU before this life is over...ESPECIALLY in light of what the world has done with it!

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