Thursday, December 16, 2021

That Priceless Moment! the middle of the busiest time of the year, there is relief!  And it be provided by The Reason for the Season Himself!

The music of the breezes sooth
in early afternoon;
A warm December day would cloak
the elements to be soon!
The leaves that yet remain are colored
in so many ways,
but nary a branch, in the whisper,
slightly even sways!
The sight, however, mesmerizes
and makes one relax.
Even the 'rush' of holidays,
an urgency, it lacks!
Christmas 'events' and schedules,
surely they remain,
but a need for rest right now,
it certainly is plain!
And God, He so provides the rest
that's valued most of all,
lest, into the trappings of
this world's ways, we fall!

Celebrate His season, yea,
for He is worthy yes,
but it's not in His design at all
for us to fill with stress!
Sit back, then, for a moment and
enjoy a quiet calm--
that one provided as we trust
alone in His great palm!

There are precious moments here and there provided by God amidst the busyness of 'business...' even the 'business' of giving!  Savor those moments.  They become more and more necessary as they days go by!


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