Saturday, December 4, 2021

That Necessary Joy!

There is joy unspeakable and full of glory!  NOT just around Christmas, but NEVER ENDING!  Do YOU know THAT Joy?  His Name is Jesus Christ, and you NEED Him inside your heart and life constantly!

And THAT beyond all 'season!'
From the heart alone be giving,
Let no 'emotion' dictate how
to spend the coming days;
only buy what you can afford;
and FREE is honest praise!
Yes, be free to do a deed for one
no longer able to...
be free to give a hand to that one
that is trudging through...
be free to give a word alive
to anyone you can!
We are no better or no worse,
be free to be free man!

Yea, JOY, JOY, JOY to all
come know HIS liberty!
For God did NOT intend this time
cause stress for such as we!
And favor no one more or less
than any of the rest;
let go of animosity
and make this time be blessed!

Joy to the World!  The one that is
not marked with 'border' lines!
Joy unto ALL--for 'class' or 'races'
are not HIS designs!
Celebrate His birth, my friends,
so freely with each other;
for it's JESUS' birthday, and each of us
are a sister or a brother!

Yes, in Jesus, WE ARE ONE!  Together, may we celebrate Him in ways that He is worthy of!  Ignore the 'cliques,' defy the 'settled ways' that this life can get us into and KNOW the TRUE JOY that Jesus is!


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