Monday, December 6, 2021

Spending and Giving

Busy once again.  The day is filled with folks coming and going.  The world has turned it into a time of 'spending-and-giving!'  But what about those things that need to be 'given' but cannot be 'bought?

The Jewel of all Heaven shines
in glorious display!
Perhaps that's why The Living Word
calls Jesus Christ "The Way!"
Throughout the year, but in this season
That Light reveals so much!
He moves the willing to reach out
and share His giving touch!
'That Touch' can mean so many things--
differs for every man--
can YOU give out what you're led to
according to His Plan?

'Giving--' it is NOT a 'season,'
it's a way of living!
And God, Himself, sets the example,
equips us so for 'giving!'
For were it not for His abundance
unto such as we,
we could give not a thing at all
unto humanity!
BUT GOD, He so provides for us
and even gives us more,
that we can bestow so freely--
more and more and more!
Yea, there be no limit to the 'things'
with which we are equipped!
We only must 'distribute' them
lest, suddenly, we're 'gypped!'

Yea, be not afraid to give away
what cannot be obtained!
"'Tis the season...' every day
if you are crimson-stained!
For God has blessed us for a reason:
this world's a needy place!
And we are able to give out
due His abundant grace!!

"Taste and see that The Lord is good..."  "Try me and see if I will not restore ten-fold unto you that which you give!" says He!
Enjoy the season!  Enjoy the rush of giving or providing for them that lack!  There is nothing like it, my friend, and GOD will restore that which you let go of.  I promise you!


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