Friday, December 3, 2021


How does it happen?  We have wonderful relationships with people and POOF!  They vanish!  I can't figure it out.  However, God knows ALL things and has a way of bringing the most important ones back into our lives! 

I see a name from decades past
and memories come flooding fast!
He sent me words three weeks ago,
but I just got them an hour ago?!
Contact--it is finally made,
and years and decades quickly fade!
A phone call from a world away,
sent for our Anniversary Day,
is just now noticed by this man
and contact is made--thanks to GOD'S plan!
I hear Ted's voice but yet once more--
two hearts be one across the shore!

So much is there to be caught up
without a thing to interrupt!
The man that helped, my skills, to hone,
transporting me from 'apprentice' known!
The student I...the teacher he;
relationship--it yet would be!
I learned from Ted what can't be 'bought;'
he saw, in me, the Father's lot!
And time so long, it disappeared
as we so reminisced and teared!

A person of integrity.
So many eras yet has he!
Qualities, this day, so rare,
in a concord crafted with such care!

Thanks to the technology of the day, I am able to reconnect with a man that I have known since the 60's!  A man of quality, whose traits affected me over the ten years that we ended up working together.  Life, somehow, separated us and, as TOO OFTEN happens, we lost touch.  BUT GOD saw to it reconnect us this week, and what a wonderful conversation we had!
God bless you, Ted, my good brother and FRIEND!  It is so good to hear from you again!


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