Saturday, December 11, 2021

Getting 'things'

Christmas Day approaches.  Sitting at a window in the middle of town, I watch as folks scramble about doing as much as they can for as many as they can in the name of 'giving.'  But just how much effort does it take to TRULY give?  Hmm...

What 'gift' could I desire as
this world hurries by?
Could I desire 'meaning--' something
money CANNOT buy?
But what if I could obtain 'time'
at such a time as this?
The wonders of my God and King
I'd certainly not miss!
But what COULD I desire in
a time that's busy so?
Peace on earth and fellowship
with them we've come to know!
Even fellowship with some
I do not know at all...
in such desire, so accomplished
is the Greatest Call!

What 'gift' would I desire?  It just
may not yet be known!
Enough 'things' certainly exist,
so let His Grace be shown!
So many are the parties leading
up unto THAT day;
but what will be FROM JESUS,
it will be a better way!

How many will attend?
Be they enemy or friend?
But IF they're in our care,
His purpose has them there!

Let each of us be ever so careful to redeem the time with the 'things' that have the most value.  Most 'gifts' last for but a little while, but that which may seem 'less important' on your list just may last a lifetime...even further!

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