Friday, December 24, 2021

'Extreme' Generosity!

Here we are.  Christmas Eve.  The evening before the day of the birth of our Lord Jesus!  THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL!!  As I look back over the past 12+ months, I see how a 'pandemic' has certainly altered our 'state of living!'  One thing, however, NEVER changes!

So many making 'Christmas wishes,'
so many others 'blessing!'
Some to stare at packages
that keep them briefly guessing.
There is a Gift, however, that
will last eternally:
it is the Gift of Jesus Christ
God gives to such as we!

So joyful it be gifting those
we love the very most.
It takes us from the grind in which
we find ourselves engrossed.
And, greater, to be gifting those
that we know not all;
it blesses others and fulfills
part of The Master's Call.
But sharing Jesus Christ--The Gift
that lasts eternally--
it's greater than mere 'season' and
He changes constantly!
He never lacks the luster, joy,
and newness of 'a gift,'
for each and every moment of
your living does He lift!

So making Christmas wishes,
(or honoring the same,)
just CANNOT match the joy and wonder
of calling on His Name!

One thing has been quite apparent to me in the days that are: in spite of 'a lack of __________,' folks have been VERY giving!  I see it with my own eyes EVERY DAY!  If the guest is not saying "Hey Buzz, here's $20 to pay for the car behind me," I hear "Hey Buzz, give the rest of my $20 to the Ronald McDonald House!"  Or, quite often, I hear "Hey Buzz, put the rest of my change in your pocket.  And if the management questions you, have them call me!"
BUT GOD, however, has provided the greatest gift of all, One that is of much greater value than ANY amount of money: JESUS CHRIST HIS SON!

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