Friday, December 17, 2021

Creation Conversation!

Such conversation takes place so very often for them that appreciate the workings of His Hand!  Look around YOU.  Be there anything to thank Him for and enjoy?  Usually, one does not have to look too far!

The mountains speak once more to me...

the hills, they whisper soft...
I come here from the 'rush' of life,
and we converse quite oft!
It is the voice of God I hear
while in this hallowed place--
those hills and peaks created by
so generous a grace!!

Gratitude to God for these peaks

of so many heights!
The sight of them but anywhere,
in such, this man delights!
So lush with vegetation...
so rife with color shades...
so gradually, throughout the season,
each one slowly fades
only to reveal the constant
life of 'evergreen,'
and to further grasp the
fascination of the scene!
And for to continue
conversation with this man...
was such as this indwelt in
God Creator's sovereign plan?!

The glory of the mountains and
the way that we converse--
it is a talk impossible
for ANY to rehearse!
It is afresh, it is anew,
it is alive each day!
It is a very glorious part
about The Narrow Way!

The incredible sight of His creation...especially during Christmas season!  Snow so clearly visible as one looks about.  So rewarding to the faithful!  So vital to the heart!

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