Friday, December 31, 2021

Christmas Inconvenience

WHAT A YEAR IT HAS BEEN!  With folks being on and off with Covid, you never know what the day will hold!  And just when you think you have it all lined up, the phone rings...

"We follow the instructions, doing
everything we're told....
wait for thirty minutes and find out
COVID do we hold!"

An 'inconvenient' Christmas in
a way we've never known.
Rapidly changing plans in ways,
unto us, so unknown!
All the previous months have we said
" cannot happen here..."
And then a single phone call makes
assurance disappear?

NEVER!  God's assurances
are settled and so true.
"Yea and amen" are the words
He says to me and you!
And His Word--it is far greater than
the 'news' that comes our way--
whatever comes to us in life,
HE has the final say!

So, whatever we are going through,
He knew that it would be.
He also knows that we are in it
Press on, press on, my brother,
and know 'THIS, TOO, SHALL PASS!'
en route to where He's taking us,

what blessings to amass!

Are YOU secure enough in your faith to cope with it when "...that phone rings?"  Trust me, that phone WILL ring, and there is a myriad of scenarios waiting on the other end!  But this I know: GOD IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE IN CONTROL!  Cling fast to Him, my friend, regardless what you hear from the voice on the other end of that call!

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