Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas Calm

Months and weeks leading up to this one day: Jesus' birthday!  'The world' has manufactured many ways to fill this day, but God's way is still the best: celebrating Jesus with family and friends IN PEACE!

Christmas Day in afternoon--
a break amidst the rush!
Outside, in the barren trees,
there almost is a 'hush!'
It's broken only by the song
of those upon the wing
as they invite the one with pen
to join with them and sing!
And so many reasons have I to
join in their constant song!
The greatest be the fact that I,
unto His Son, belong!
He took me in so long ago
as I took Him to heart;
what glorious relationship,
at that time, was to start!
And thriving even now the same,
(and necessary so!)
For everywhere, (and at all times,)
the Lord, with me, does go!
For regardless of how busy or
how slow the day may be,
He says it is a pleasure just
to spend the time with me!
Even in the 'rush' of Christmas
that time has become,
I visit with my Lord and Christ,
and peace--it be the sum!
A peace that this world cannot give,
it's only from above,
borne of His generosity,
distributed by love!

Too many have I met over the years who are of the mindset '...if you are enjoying peace, you're not accomplishing anything!'  Too bad.  They don't know the blessing they are missing out on!


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