Friday, December 10, 2021

Before time kicks in!

"Unseasonably warm."  That's what the professionals 'warned' us about today.  They are not wrong, and I am not complaining as I start this glorious day that I KNOW will certainly FLY BY!

Once more in the early,
before the morning wakes;
Jesus gets me up and going
even before time takes!
I know that once the day begins
all time will disappear;
therefore, am I so fortunate
and grateful He is near!

For in the early, early we see
what we miss all day:
the deer upon the mountainside
beneath that peeking ray!
That sweetest song upon the wing
availed only now...
and God's complete attention as
I part His Word and bow!
And NOTHING to distract, as yet
majorities still sleep.
this precious time, but every morning,
do I try to keep
as I know how fast this life would steal
such moments, oh so rare--
even with 'necessities'
and every little care!

Oh, so priceless is the early
as the day begins.
The one who truly knows its worth
be the one who always wins!

Wherever you are...whatever it is that you must do today, attempt to do it with a song in your heart.  For Jesus can put that melody there as you start it with Him, but it is up to YOU to maintain it!


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