Monday, December 27, 2021

After Christmas

'Back to the grind.'  Is that all we have to look forward to?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  There is a glorious reunion set to go off at any time at all!  I pray that YOU will be a part of it!  

Two days beyond the one that changed
but everything at all!
Because of Jesus Christ, but each
of us has got a call!
Born was Purpose, born was Promise,
born were eons told!
So very briefly was He just
a newborn they could hold.
Now here we are--the centuries
of time, they have amassed.
BUT JESUS CHRIST, He yet still is
and not just 'someone past...'
He's yet alive, and settled are
the times that lie ahead.
We have no reason to despair,
we have no cause to dread!

For that which yet awaits was settled
oh, so long ago!
Go live ye to the fullest thus,
His saving grace, to know!!
And surely share that saving grace
with all who come your way
introducing THEM unto
'The Truth, The Life, The Way!'

Yea, days ahead, they are unknown-
but only unto us!
For God, He has the times so ordered,
therefore, do not fuss!
Only share with others all
that He has shared with you,
that there be more to meet Him in
that Rapture rendezvous!!

Yea, soon and very soon...  Jesus Christ is coming back to receive His Own unto Himself.  Heaven at last!!  WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE?!  Make sure YOU are of that number that He is coming back for!

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