Thursday, December 2, 2021

"A little off!"

Yes, if you walk outside on this December day, it feels 'a little off!'  This feels more like the end of summer than the end of Autumn!   I won't complain, however.

The solitude of 'early' in
the morning sanctuary.
The polarity of seasons this year
has been quite contrary!
Walking through the forests and
the meadows of the dawn
as December starts have I
short sleeves, no jacket on!
Normally, I'm bundled up
and trudging through the snow,
but this day, it is summer-like
with choirs of birds to know!
But winter's coming, it is but
a little late this year!
I will enjoy the sounds and feel
before the drifts are here,
and I will enjoy His Presence
as He walks beside me.
I bring it up in conversation,
God says "Let it be!"

When life becomes 'predictable'
comfortable we become..
The more of 'comfort' some enjoy
then so become they 'numb!'
For that's the LAST thing that He wants,
He wants His Church 'ALERT!'
In comfort, sometimes, there be traps,
and that's when folks get hurt!
So enjoy the 'glitch' in seasons and
do all that you can do;
for time is at the threshold when
such 'pleasure' may be through.

70 degrees on December 2nd.  Hmm...what is THIS going to cost us in February?!  However, God knows what He is doing, and we must press on and do our part as well.


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