Thursday, December 23, 2021


December 23.  As I am in company of God this morning, I am instructed to get my pad and pen and write down....

The day before the night before
they got to where they were going.
The guidance from on high is all
that both of them were knowing!
A star!  A STAR is all that kept them
correctly moving on.
Little did they know, That Star,
not ever, would be gone!

The night before the night before--
Such crude environs to be filled
with glory and with grace?!
Not any room was to be found,
the world, into which to bring;
much less, God Most High Himself!
Our great and glorious King!!

The night before the night before
eternity would change.
For most, life went on as it would,
nothing about it strange.
But to the privy, past the unseen,
Change was on His way,
and a night of glory like
was NEVER on display!!

Yea, the day before that night before
Almighty God come nigh!
Very few looked forward to
The Son of God Most High!
What differs in the days that are
than those that were back then?
We have responsibility
to share Christ with all men!

Yea, the days of Christmas are and, in spite of all you see and hear, there is so much to celebrate!  My friend, let not the ways of this world deter you from celebrating the birthday of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!


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