Friday, December 31, 2021

Christmas Inconvenience

WHAT A YEAR IT HAS BEEN!  With folks being on and off with Covid, you never know what the day will hold!  And just when you think you have it all lined up, the phone rings...

"We follow the instructions, doing
everything we're told....
wait for thirty minutes and find out
COVID do we hold!"

An 'inconvenient' Christmas in
a way we've never known.
Rapidly changing plans in ways,
unto us, so unknown!
All the previous months have we said
" cannot happen here..."
And then a single phone call makes
assurance disappear?

NEVER!  God's assurances
are settled and so true.
"Yea and amen" are the words
He says to me and you!
And His Word--it is far greater than
the 'news' that comes our way--
whatever comes to us in life,
HE has the final say!

So, whatever we are going through,
He knew that it would be.
He also knows that we are in it
Press on, press on, my brother,
and know 'THIS, TOO, SHALL PASS!'
en route to where He's taking us,

what blessings to amass!

Are YOU secure enough in your faith to cope with it when "...that phone rings?"  Trust me, that phone WILL ring, and there is a myriad of scenarios waiting on the other end!  But this I know: GOD IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE IN CONTROL!  Cling fast to Him, my friend, regardless what you hear from the voice on the other end of that call!

Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Gift of Employment!

How many folks are there who can say that about their job?  I know a few, but I hear more and more folks complain about the duties that they have.  Hmm...

"Back to the place that I MUST go
five days out of the week.
Once more, a day enjoyable
is looking mighty bleak!
Already is a line around
that place where I must be.
I smile and laugh and take their cash
for hours...woe is me!"

I hear that from so many people
all throughout my day.
Thus, I do my best to lift them up
and send them on their way.
A smile and warm greeting--
they can go so far, you see;
and I've NEVER had aforesaid
mention 'job--' what's wrong with me?

For it's The Lord that keeps that smile
upon the heart of me!
In seeing HIM as my employer,
labor's balance be!
Every day is different, while 
each one remains the same.
The 'check' is secondary, as
I labor for His Name!

'Stuck' in a position where
you can't see much ahead...
Could it be, to that very job,
you were divinely led?
A 'paycheck' only now you see,
but GREAT is your reward
as long as you are FAITHFUL, you
will prosper from The Lord!

"I have to go to work today?"  NO!!  I GET to go to work today!  For God has blessed me with that humble position that I have, and I will let His Light shine there every time I show up!

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Thief of Time

"Ahh...escape from the day."
That may sound foreign or even 'sinful' to some, but just how often has the 'speed of life' prevented you from doing something that you want to do at your own speed...

Across the water, there arises
hillsides lush and vast;
evergreen upon the static
waters now be cast.
No wind is to disturb the lake,
just several jumping fish,
and a few kids casting coins,
each to 'make a wish.'

The serenity of scenery
is valued and desired
at a time when life, itself,
it would appear so 'tired.'
Tired of the 'daily news'
that varies o so little...
God uses His Own handiwork
to give such news 'acquittal!'
And so He does this day as these eyes
scan the mighty lake
taking in the wonderments
His hand, alone, to make!
He knows the makings of His hand
distract me while alive
to refuel from His Great Word
until I shall arrive!

So busy is the life we have
with all the needs to be.
But He sees it does not 'consume'
our drive and sanity!
Trust Him with your very own life,
He knows what to do--
even in the days that are
when sureties are few!

I know I am not alone in confessing that, in the days that are, too many things are competing for our time and attention!  Just look at the time that you set aside to spend with God each day!  Look at how 'life' tries to prevent that!  DON'T LET IT!  Don't let it rob you of other blessings, either!


Monday, December 27, 2021

After Christmas

'Back to the grind.'  Is that all we have to look forward to?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  There is a glorious reunion set to go off at any time at all!  I pray that YOU will be a part of it!  

Two days beyond the one that changed
but everything at all!
Because of Jesus Christ, but each
of us has got a call!
Born was Purpose, born was Promise,
born were eons told!
So very briefly was He just
a newborn they could hold.
Now here we are--the centuries
of time, they have amassed.
BUT JESUS CHRIST, He yet still is
and not just 'someone past...'
He's yet alive, and settled are
the times that lie ahead.
We have no reason to despair,
we have no cause to dread!

For that which yet awaits was settled
oh, so long ago!
Go live ye to the fullest thus,
His saving grace, to know!!
And surely share that saving grace
with all who come your way
introducing THEM unto
'The Truth, The Life, The Way!'

Yea, days ahead, they are unknown-
but only unto us!
For God, He has the times so ordered,
therefore, do not fuss!
Only share with others all
that He has shared with you,
that there be more to meet Him in
that Rapture rendezvous!!

Yea, soon and very soon...  Jesus Christ is coming back to receive His Own unto Himself.  Heaven at last!!  WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE?!  Make sure YOU are of that number that He is coming back for!

Sunday, December 26, 2021


People watch you and the things you do all day long.  Does THAT matter to you?  Is there anything you would do differently if you constantly thought about this?

'To be the man you really are
no matter where or when...'
The same--for it be quite a challenge
to the best of men!
There is so much we each go through
but all throughout the day;
can such be done without facade?
Only if one would pray!
For eyes are on us constantly
regardless what we do.
Whomever you are, there are people
that look up to you.
What do they behold when you
not even are aware?
Do YOU live by a code of ethics?
Do you even care?

Every man will answer for
events that have occurred--
every thought and deed that is,
every single word.
Be there any apprehension
knowing this set fact?
Thus, the workings of the heart
must be so closely tracked!

To be the person that GOD wants,
some effort will it take.
But doing so, a difference in
eternity, will make!

Yes, what you do and say has an effect on life...AND PEOPLE!  It has been said that folks will soon forget what you say, but they will always remember what you do.  May we be 'Doers of The Word' and not merely speakers of Him!

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas Calm

Months and weeks leading up to this one day: Jesus' birthday!  'The world' has manufactured many ways to fill this day, but God's way is still the best: celebrating Jesus with family and friends IN PEACE!

Christmas Day in afternoon--
a break amidst the rush!
Outside, in the barren trees,
there almost is a 'hush!'
It's broken only by the song
of those upon the wing
as they invite the one with pen
to join with them and sing!
And so many reasons have I to
join in their constant song!
The greatest be the fact that I,
unto His Son, belong!
He took me in so long ago
as I took Him to heart;
what glorious relationship,
at that time, was to start!
And thriving even now the same,
(and necessary so!)
For everywhere, (and at all times,)
the Lord, with me, does go!
For regardless of how busy or
how slow the day may be,
He says it is a pleasure just
to spend the time with me!
Even in the 'rush' of Christmas
that time has become,
I visit with my Lord and Christ,
and peace--it be the sum!
A peace that this world cannot give,
it's only from above,
borne of His generosity,
distributed by love!

Too many have I met over the years who are of the mindset '...if you are enjoying peace, you're not accomplishing anything!'  Too bad.  They don't know the blessing they are missing out on!


Friday, December 24, 2021

'Extreme' Generosity!

Here we are.  Christmas Eve.  The evening before the day of the birth of our Lord Jesus!  THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL!!  As I look back over the past 12+ months, I see how a 'pandemic' has certainly altered our 'state of living!'  One thing, however, NEVER changes!

So many making 'Christmas wishes,'
so many others 'blessing!'
Some to stare at packages
that keep them briefly guessing.
There is a Gift, however, that
will last eternally:
it is the Gift of Jesus Christ
God gives to such as we!

So joyful it be gifting those
we love the very most.
It takes us from the grind in which
we find ourselves engrossed.
And, greater, to be gifting those
that we know not all;
it blesses others and fulfills
part of The Master's Call.
But sharing Jesus Christ--The Gift
that lasts eternally--
it's greater than mere 'season' and
He changes constantly!
He never lacks the luster, joy,
and newness of 'a gift,'
for each and every moment of
your living does He lift!

So making Christmas wishes,
(or honoring the same,)
just CANNOT match the joy and wonder
of calling on His Name!

One thing has been quite apparent to me in the days that are: in spite of 'a lack of __________,' folks have been VERY giving!  I see it with my own eyes EVERY DAY!  If the guest is not saying "Hey Buzz, here's $20 to pay for the car behind me," I hear "Hey Buzz, give the rest of my $20 to the Ronald McDonald House!"  Or, quite often, I hear "Hey Buzz, put the rest of my change in your pocket.  And if the management questions you, have them call me!"
BUT GOD, however, has provided the greatest gift of all, One that is of much greater value than ANY amount of money: JESUS CHRIST HIS SON!

Thursday, December 23, 2021


December 23.  As I am in company of God this morning, I am instructed to get my pad and pen and write down....

The day before the night before
they got to where they were going.
The guidance from on high is all
that both of them were knowing!
A star!  A STAR is all that kept them
correctly moving on.
Little did they know, That Star,
not ever, would be gone!

The night before the night before--
Such crude environs to be filled
with glory and with grace?!
Not any room was to be found,
the world, into which to bring;
much less, God Most High Himself!
Our great and glorious King!!

The night before the night before
eternity would change.
For most, life went on as it would,
nothing about it strange.
But to the privy, past the unseen,
Change was on His way,
and a night of glory like
was NEVER on display!!

Yea, the day before that night before
Almighty God come nigh!
Very few looked forward to
The Son of God Most High!
What differs in the days that are
than those that were back then?
We have responsibility
to share Christ with all men!

Yea, the days of Christmas are and, in spite of all you see and hear, there is so much to celebrate!  My friend, let not the ways of this world deter you from celebrating the birthday of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!


Tuesday, December 21, 2021

What month IS this?!

Once again.  Four days before Christmas...and we are having record heat?!  Such is the wonder of God...AND the beauty of the Ozarks!

Underneath the canopy
of soggy afternoon;
the blanket of the fog rolled in
and muted colors strewn!
It's yet so unseasonable
in the middle of it all!
By now, the little flakes of snow
are supposed to come to call!
Enjoy it all before the final
colors disappear;
for even though it's overcast,
a few of them are here.
God Himself has painted those leaves
that gently fly away--
entertaining and rewarding
in oh so many a way!

The treasure for the eyes to find
but everywhere at all.
Such 'scenery of season' should have
gone back in 'the fall!'
But NEVER is each day the same
for them that be 'devout!'
For life is newer EVERY DAY,
and we are NOT without!

Ah, yes, the glory of His any time at all...AND whatever HE chooses to send!  No complaints here!  For I know that there will be days ahead and soon where I will cherish this 'unseasonable' day!  It may say on the calendar that this is Jesus' time of year, but the atmosphere sure says otherwise.  HOWEVER, Jesus is greater than the weather and HE WILL be celebrated!!

Monday, December 20, 2021

The Awe and Spectacle of JESUS!!

That's what the three wise men travelled so far to behold!  Now, thanks to the grace of God, we can behold such every moment...without even leaving our knees!!

"Oh, let not the awe and spectacle
about You disappear!
May we ever keep the wonder come
upon a midnight clear!
Oh too often and too many face
Your season with some dread
when joy and expectation of
Your Self should be instead.

It is Your birthday, Jesus, but
are YOU forefront in mind?
Instead, too many rush about,
'the perfect gift' to find!
How few to grasp the Truth of
happiness throughout the days;
if many more would do so it would
amplify Your praise!
And so simple it be for them, Lord,
to find 'the Truth of Season!
It's not about 'pleasing everyone,'
But some find it's too simple to
accept that He's 'The Way.'
Such to generate a stress
that's hard to go away!

The awe and spectacle of what
was in the Manger then.
For You so captured the attention
of the wisest men!
May WE so focus on Your PRESENCE
and not PRESENTS here!
Yea, focus on the wonderments
of Jesus Christ come near!

GOD come to us in the form of a baby??  Yes, and with Great Purpose!  Let not that Purpose be ignored by YOU before this life is over...ESPECIALLY in light of what the world has done with it!

Sunday, December 19, 2021

The Main Focus!

Oh, the glorious sights and sounds and scents this time of year!  It is a time of celebration, a time of giving and, of most import, a time to focus on JESUS!

The joy and celebration--
it belongs to Christ alone!
Though rite and ritual would be
so very widely known,
'Christmas,' it be Christ alive
and newer with each day!
Know Him as The Truth, The Life,
The only Living Way!

Yes, He is Christmas--regardless if
life's busy or it's slow!
He would have His perfect peace
inside each heart to know!
Regardless of the weather,
regardless of the 'rush,'
the celebration and the song
of Jesus brings a 'hush!'

So press on with tradition,
celebration and the song;
and make the source of celebration
be that YOU BELONG!
Because of Jesus, we can fete
The Father with our praise,
and even gift each other as
we celebrate the days!

The stresses of the season
would He eliminate
to free us to enjoy His Son
Who is so very great!

Oh how wonderful Christmas becomes when the Truth of Christmas is made known to us!  The 'world' has its ways and means of celebrating 'The Holidays.'  Oh, but WE have The Truth of CHRISTmas--Jesus Christ alive!


Friday, December 17, 2021

Creation Conversation!

Such conversation takes place so very often for them that appreciate the workings of His Hand!  Look around YOU.  Be there anything to thank Him for and enjoy?  Usually, one does not have to look too far!

The mountains speak once more to me...

the hills, they whisper soft...
I come here from the 'rush' of life,
and we converse quite oft!
It is the voice of God I hear
while in this hallowed place--
those hills and peaks created by
so generous a grace!!

Gratitude to God for these peaks

of so many heights!
The sight of them but anywhere,
in such, this man delights!
So lush with vegetation...
so rife with color shades...
so gradually, throughout the season,
each one slowly fades
only to reveal the constant
life of 'evergreen,'
and to further grasp the
fascination of the scene!
And for to continue
conversation with this man...
was such as this indwelt in
God Creator's sovereign plan?!

The glory of the mountains and
the way that we converse--
it is a talk impossible
for ANY to rehearse!
It is afresh, it is anew,
it is alive each day!
It is a very glorious part
about The Narrow Way!

The incredible sight of His creation...especially during Christmas season!  Snow so clearly visible as one looks about.  So rewarding to the faithful!  So vital to the heart!

Thursday, December 16, 2021

That Priceless Moment! the middle of the busiest time of the year, there is relief!  And it be provided by The Reason for the Season Himself!

The music of the breezes sooth
in early afternoon;
A warm December day would cloak
the elements to be soon!
The leaves that yet remain are colored
in so many ways,
but nary a branch, in the whisper,
slightly even sways!
The sight, however, mesmerizes
and makes one relax.
Even the 'rush' of holidays,
an urgency, it lacks!
Christmas 'events' and schedules,
surely they remain,
but a need for rest right now,
it certainly is plain!
And God, He so provides the rest
that's valued most of all,
lest, into the trappings of
this world's ways, we fall!

Celebrate His season, yea,
for He is worthy yes,
but it's not in His design at all
for us to fill with stress!
Sit back, then, for a moment and
enjoy a quiet calm--
that one provided as we trust
alone in His great palm!

There are precious moments here and there provided by God amidst the busyness of 'business...' even the 'business' of giving!  Savor those moments.  They become more and more necessary as they days go by!


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

THIS is 'joyous?!'

GOD IS SO GOOD!  This be truth settled even before time itself.  If you turn on the daily news, however, one can SEE that a whole lot of folks are not experiencing 'good' this week!  May each of us find THAT 'good,' no matter what is going on about us!

Safe and sound but all the day,
victorious, as well;
prosperous of His great hand--
what blessings to compel!
And, due His calling on our lives,
do we bless others, too!
Not just that we 'belong,' it is
the proper thing to do!

Secure and sound--wherever we
may find ourselves each day.
KNOWING we 'belong' frees us
to bless others on the way!
The greater blessing comes our way
the more that we should give.
His eyes alone to know the heart,
His Word to cause us 'live!'

So many yet to 'belong' they though,
thus press on, press on!
'The need,' for it will always be,
until He says 'BE GONE!'
Eternal, too, be His supply
for His love to dispense,
and very certain be the promise

Safe and sound but all the day,
following His lead.
The instruction of Holy Spirit
ever may we heed!
His recompense is certain, but
His ways are NOT our ways!
Just follow Christ and listen to Him
all throughout our days!

'Safe and sound.'  There is good part of this world that cannot attest to this right now, but press on!  THIS, TOO, SHALL PASS!  For 'joy to the world' still rings out throughout hearts and heavens and, regardless of your current state, it WILL manifest itself soon!

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The Freedom of 'Knowing!'

There is a lot of searching going on at this time of year.  Countless folks out there looking for 'that perfect gift.'  There are even some out there searching for purpose and identity!  Let me share where THAT is found..

There is a New Star high above,
so glorious in skies!
It serves as guidance and direction
unto the most wise.
Three of the most wise followed it
in many ages past;
it led them to a Baby Boy--
their wonderment was cast!!

A New Star shining high above,
and newer every day!
That Star--for He came as The Truth,
The Life, The Only Way!
He guides so freely even yet
to ANY that would ask...
and His guidance has no limit--
He is up for any task!

A New Star shone so long ago,
He shines yet even now;
and, all the richer, be the ones
that, unto Him, would bow!
His Name is JESUS!  He commands
the very stars above!
Call on His Name at all times,
you will find no greater love!

We have an entire season that
commemorates His birth!
For He gives life!  He establishes
our lives' very worth!
Yes, WE ARE WORTHY!  He affirms it
shining His Great Star!
Oh, see 'Christmas' as opportunity
to discover who YOU are!!

Jesus Christ already knew Who He is before He even came!  Father God knew it even more so!  Perhaps it's time for YOU to find out who YOU are IN JESUS CHRIST!  For He waits with open arms!!


Monday, December 13, 2021

The Christmas 'Rush!'

So it seems as we attempt to go here and there and accomplish as much as we can!  BUT WAIT!  What's it all about anyway?

That Holy Day approaches fast

regardless our desire!
Oh that the hours slow a bit,
His glory to admire!
Time to put the heart into 
the days and weeks that are...
this world would have us all believe
such is behind us far!
the heart that yearns to give!
I KNOW that I can MAKE the time,
the perfect gift, to give!

Oh, let not the speed of life dictate
our quality of 'giving.'
For such a time as this, the devout
remain abundantly living!
And no matter how fast life goes by
we, we shall find a way
to bless the ones yet so deserving
all throughout the day!

Yes, ignore the speed of 'merchandise'
and follow your own heart!
For that's the only way, my friend,
great gifts to so impart!
Release yourself to Jesus' timeline--
much more will get done!
Focus on The Reason--for Christ
is the ONLY One!

Let God Most High take the lead.  Not only during Christmas season, but ALWAYS!  You will be surprised at what all gets done with Him in control of your life!

Sunday, December 12, 2021

The Stricken

As we go about doing all that we can, there is a growing group of folks that have been robbed of such freedom.  What do we say to them as we go about a 'season of celebration and giving?'

So many are the masses
answers to infirmities--
they be anticipating.
While others scramble here and there
with 'Christmas' preparation,
the same amount, (if not much more,)
await their restoration!

A waiting room inside a city,
anywhere, USA.
Each race and age and walk of life,
for answers, do they pray!
The gamut of infirmities
has stricken all the earth;
in HIS season of 'celebration'
it's cause to ponder 'worth:'
the worth of every moment as
the seconds pass us by;
they so become more valuable
as we occupy;
the preciousness of every person
as we look around--
so fortunate are we, I see,
as we remain yet sound!

Yea, so many are the masses
in 'waiting rooms' they all.
BUT GOD, He is so well aware
and answers to the call!
Aware and so available,
just call upon His Name!
His perfect peace and blest assurance
ANYONE may claim!!

Be wary of their presence always.  Be wary of your location always!  Be open to Holy Spirit's lead should He direct you to these folks.  YOU just may be the 'Christmas Gift' that they are looking for and needing!


Saturday, December 11, 2021

Getting 'things'

Christmas Day approaches.  Sitting at a window in the middle of town, I watch as folks scramble about doing as much as they can for as many as they can in the name of 'giving.'  But just how much effort does it take to TRULY give?  Hmm...

What 'gift' could I desire as
this world hurries by?
Could I desire 'meaning--' something
money CANNOT buy?
But what if I could obtain 'time'
at such a time as this?
The wonders of my God and King
I'd certainly not miss!
But what COULD I desire in
a time that's busy so?
Peace on earth and fellowship
with them we've come to know!
Even fellowship with some
I do not know at all...
in such desire, so accomplished
is the Greatest Call!

What 'gift' would I desire?  It just
may not yet be known!
Enough 'things' certainly exist,
so let His Grace be shown!
So many are the parties leading
up unto THAT day;
but what will be FROM JESUS,
it will be a better way!

How many will attend?
Be they enemy or friend?
But IF they're in our care,
His purpose has them there!

Let each of us be ever so careful to redeem the time with the 'things' that have the most value.  Most 'gifts' last for but a little while, but that which may seem 'less important' on your list just may last a lifetime...even further!

Friday, December 10, 2021

Before time kicks in!

"Unseasonably warm."  That's what the professionals 'warned' us about today.  They are not wrong, and I am not complaining as I start this glorious day that I KNOW will certainly FLY BY!

Once more in the early,
before the morning wakes;
Jesus gets me up and going
even before time takes!
I know that once the day begins
all time will disappear;
therefore, am I so fortunate
and grateful He is near!

For in the early, early we see
what we miss all day:
the deer upon the mountainside
beneath that peeking ray!
That sweetest song upon the wing
availed only now...
and God's complete attention as
I part His Word and bow!
And NOTHING to distract, as yet
majorities still sleep.
this precious time, but every morning,
do I try to keep
as I know how fast this life would steal
such moments, oh so rare--
even with 'necessities'
and every little care!

Oh, so priceless is the early
as the day begins.
The one who truly knows its worth
be the one who always wins!

Wherever you are...whatever it is that you must do today, attempt to do it with a song in your heart.  For Jesus can put that melody there as you start it with Him, but it is up to YOU to maintain it!


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Who You Are

Do you KNOW who you are?  That's a question a lot of folks spend a lot of time and money trying to find out.  I know Who has the answer!

"You've made me who I am, oh Lord,
(and life has had a hand!)
Should I try to be someone I'm not,
I could not even stand!
Just like the way the world tries
to impress or even replace,
should I try to attempt the same
I fall flat on my face!
You've made me this way for YOUR reasons--
so far beyond our own,
and honoring You best be that
my TRUE self would be shown!
Too many see I every day
be something they are not.
They can't see, but those around them,
fraudulence, can spot!!"

Why be someone or something 'better'
when YOU create the 'best?'
Be happy, genuine, complete
and, when you are, you're blessed!
Such waste of time and effort be
'facades' we try to don,
when, in all actuality, 
the BEST is when WE'RE 'on!'

Yes, be who God created you to be.  He made you just the way you are...embrace it!  Nobody does it better than YOU!  For God does not make 'mistakes' or 'trash,' He creates gems that cannot be duplicated!


Monday, December 6, 2021

Spending and Giving

Busy once again.  The day is filled with folks coming and going.  The world has turned it into a time of 'spending-and-giving!'  But what about those things that need to be 'given' but cannot be 'bought?

The Jewel of all Heaven shines
in glorious display!
Perhaps that's why The Living Word
calls Jesus Christ "The Way!"
Throughout the year, but in this season
That Light reveals so much!
He moves the willing to reach out
and share His giving touch!
'That Touch' can mean so many things--
differs for every man--
can YOU give out what you're led to
according to His Plan?

'Giving--' it is NOT a 'season,'
it's a way of living!
And God, Himself, sets the example,
equips us so for 'giving!'
For were it not for His abundance
unto such as we,
we could give not a thing at all
unto humanity!
BUT GOD, He so provides for us
and even gives us more,
that we can bestow so freely--
more and more and more!
Yea, there be no limit to the 'things'
with which we are equipped!
We only must 'distribute' them
lest, suddenly, we're 'gypped!'

Yea, be not afraid to give away
what cannot be obtained!
"'Tis the season...' every day
if you are crimson-stained!
For God has blessed us for a reason:
this world's a needy place!
And we are able to give out
due His abundant grace!!

"Taste and see that The Lord is good..."  "Try me and see if I will not restore ten-fold unto you that which you give!" says He!
Enjoy the season!  Enjoy the rush of giving or providing for them that lack!  There is nothing like it, my friend, and GOD will restore that which you let go of.  I promise you!


Sunday, December 5, 2021

There IS a Better Way!

It is that time of year.  The busier your life is during the year, it is even more busy at this time!  Can anything interrupt or disturb that?  Hmm...

Celebrations now increasing

at a harried pace!
In keeping up with all of it
too often miss we 'grace!'
'We must be at that place at that time,
lest what would they think?'
Some 'tradition' has gotten to
the point where it would stink!

'Hey Buzz, we really missed you at
the party Saturday!
We thought for sure that YOU would be there!
What do you have to say??'
But on my way there Saturday
I found a homeless man.
I took him to a diner--it was
part of Jesus' plan!
Then I took him shopping for
the things that he would love.
He got my name and number but,
MY heart, he got hold of!

Yes, so many things are planned and are
already happening.
But how many of those 'things' affect a life
in ways that are 'lasting?'
For I would rather touch a life
in ways that Jesus leads,
than attend a fete that would
affect nobody's needs!
So many 'opportunities'
encounter us each day,
but just how many of them point one
to The Narrow Way?
May we be led by 'heart' and not
'tradition' in these times;
'to feed our ego,' it is listed
in the worst of crimes!!

CHRISTMAS.  It is a time of joy and celebration.  And there is no shortage of events at which to do such.  It is also a very painful time for many.  And one of those 'many' may be closer to you than you think!  Ponder this each day.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

That Necessary Joy!

There is joy unspeakable and full of glory!  NOT just around Christmas, but NEVER ENDING!  Do YOU know THAT Joy?  His Name is Jesus Christ, and you NEED Him inside your heart and life constantly!

And THAT beyond all 'season!'
From the heart alone be giving,
Let no 'emotion' dictate how
to spend the coming days;
only buy what you can afford;
and FREE is honest praise!
Yes, be free to do a deed for one
no longer able to...
be free to give a hand to that one
that is trudging through...
be free to give a word alive
to anyone you can!
We are no better or no worse,
be free to be free man!

Yea, JOY, JOY, JOY to all
come know HIS liberty!
For God did NOT intend this time
cause stress for such as we!
And favor no one more or less
than any of the rest;
let go of animosity
and make this time be blessed!

Joy to the World!  The one that is
not marked with 'border' lines!
Joy unto ALL--for 'class' or 'races'
are not HIS designs!
Celebrate His birth, my friends,
so freely with each other;
for it's JESUS' birthday, and each of us
are a sister or a brother!

Yes, in Jesus, WE ARE ONE!  Together, may we celebrate Him in ways that He is worthy of!  Ignore the 'cliques,' defy the 'settled ways' that this life can get us into and KNOW the TRUE JOY that Jesus is!


Friday, December 3, 2021


How does it happen?  We have wonderful relationships with people and POOF!  They vanish!  I can't figure it out.  However, God knows ALL things and has a way of bringing the most important ones back into our lives! 

I see a name from decades past
and memories come flooding fast!
He sent me words three weeks ago,
but I just got them an hour ago?!
Contact--it is finally made,
and years and decades quickly fade!
A phone call from a world away,
sent for our Anniversary Day,
is just now noticed by this man
and contact is made--thanks to GOD'S plan!
I hear Ted's voice but yet once more--
two hearts be one across the shore!

So much is there to be caught up
without a thing to interrupt!
The man that helped, my skills, to hone,
transporting me from 'apprentice' known!
The student I...the teacher he;
relationship--it yet would be!
I learned from Ted what can't be 'bought;'
he saw, in me, the Father's lot!
And time so long, it disappeared
as we so reminisced and teared!

A person of integrity.
So many eras yet has he!
Qualities, this day, so rare,
in a concord crafted with such care!

Thanks to the technology of the day, I am able to reconnect with a man that I have known since the 60's!  A man of quality, whose traits affected me over the ten years that we ended up working together.  Life, somehow, separated us and, as TOO OFTEN happens, we lost touch.  BUT GOD saw to it reconnect us this week, and what a wonderful conversation we had!
God bless you, Ted, my good brother and FRIEND!  It is so good to hear from you again!


Thursday, December 2, 2021

"A little off!"

Yes, if you walk outside on this December day, it feels 'a little off!'  This feels more like the end of summer than the end of Autumn!   I won't complain, however.

The solitude of 'early' in
the morning sanctuary.
The polarity of seasons this year
has been quite contrary!
Walking through the forests and
the meadows of the dawn
as December starts have I
short sleeves, no jacket on!
Normally, I'm bundled up
and trudging through the snow,
but this day, it is summer-like
with choirs of birds to know!
But winter's coming, it is but
a little late this year!
I will enjoy the sounds and feel
before the drifts are here,
and I will enjoy His Presence
as He walks beside me.
I bring it up in conversation,
God says "Let it be!"

When life becomes 'predictable'
comfortable we become..
The more of 'comfort' some enjoy
then so become they 'numb!'
For that's the LAST thing that He wants,
He wants His Church 'ALERT!'
In comfort, sometimes, there be traps,
and that's when folks get hurt!
So enjoy the 'glitch' in seasons and
do all that you can do;
for time is at the threshold when
such 'pleasure' may be through.

70 degrees on December 2nd.  Hmm...what is THIS going to cost us in February?!  However, God knows what He is doing, and we must press on and do our part as well.