Friday, November 5, 2021

WHERE is "Church?"

Being raised in San Diego county, I never thought I would see the day when 'weather' would prevent us from going to God's House every time the doors opened!  Moving to the middle of the country, (and maturing a little bit!) I realized that 'church' does not always happen in a specified 'building!'  WE ARE THE CHURCH!  And with temps in the single digits, she and I can have service right here!

Having service at our house
instead of at God's Own.
Just she and I in fellowship--
but we are NOT alone!
The brilliance and the beauty of
what's fallen overnight,
it glows and glistens in the 
morning sun--it's quite a sight!
But dangerous a sight, as well,
as roads cannot be seen!
But 'missing church and fellowship'
it doesn't have to mean!
For taking time together with
His singing and His Word,
and paying heed to HIS input
makes 'church' to be occurred!
It may be single digits out there,
(even some below!)
but, in here, with The Trinity,
everything is aglow!!
We may be 'inconvenienced,' missing
'gathering' and 'things,'
but we are surely 'Sunday blessed'
by what the Spirit brings!
Though this and 'church' on television
may be substitute,
a blessing always we receive
that NO MAN can refute!

Yes, we are prevented from leaving the house for the moment.  God, however, makes His Presence known as we make time for Him, and He honors our efforts!  HE IS SO FAITHFUL!

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