Thursday, November 18, 2021

When is 'too early?'

It started almost two months ago.  Retailers THROWING Christmas at us as hard as they can!!  The major chain in our modest town started turning the 'garden center' outside into fake trees and ornaments at the beginning of October!  Whatever happened to 'waiting until the day after Thanksgiving?!'  Those were the days!

Christmas--don't focus on
merchandise, but 'Perfect Peace!'
Let's have the vanity and the
façade to finally cease,
and the reality of 'Real'
to finally come to pass...
oh, would that not be a great relief
unto the harried mass?

Christmas--let's have Jesus Christ
to be hailed and exalted!
May ALL that generates the 'stress
of season' to be halted!
For He is holy!  He is worthy
to be celebrated,
even if that means that gifts
to others are 'belated!'

CHRISTMAS--get it right, ye masses,
Let celebration to His
Holy Name be greatly known!
O give to one another 'things'
that just cannot be 'bought,'
and take a moment, EVERY DAY,
to give The Lord heart-thought!

Yes, I guess that '...waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to start celebrating CHRISTmas' shows my age.  But those times were less stressful, less hurried, and certainly less expensive!
I am NOT against Christmas, but I sure get tired of seeing it being pushed as soon as 'summer' is over!
So, instead of pushing kids to make Christmas lists and stocking up on 'the latest must-haves,' let us not forget that this is a time to be THANKFUL.  Let's celebrate all the blessings WE ALREADY HAVE and are thankful for until Thanksgiving.  THEN, we can pour our heart's into THE SEASON OF JESUS' BIRTH!


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