Monday, November 1, 2021

Trusting Trust!

A brand new day.  A brand new week...or is it?  One of the prophets wrote "...there is nothing new under the sun."  Yet, in another place, we are assured  that "...His mercies are newer every day!"  Continue to trust Him, even when we cannot see anything at all!

Peril...peace and panic--

the day contains them all
for each and every one that would
respond to Jesus' call.
Some more extreme than others,
yet every day the same;
so grateful for the canopy
of Jesus' Holy Name!

The hand of God is present
wherever we are led.
We need not fear advancing
as long as He is head.
No greater way to prosper,
to heal or even rest!
The promises of God Most High,
they are the very best!

In peril, peace and panic,
our God remains the same:
availing His great grace for all
to very freely claim!
and bring Him all burdens--
His shoulders, they are wide.
Oh live for Him, yes, live IN Him,
you WILL be satisfied!

Most of us have some idea of what the day may contain.  Others have occupations and assignments where they know not what to expect!  BUT GOD is faithful, and, whoever we are, we can depend upon Him to be part of that day.  All it takes is TRUST!

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