Friday, November 26, 2021

Too 'caught up?'

The world is a busy place.  It is FULL of needy people.  Some of those folks, however, are doing their best to press on without letting anyone know of said needs.
How open are YOU to Holy Spirit's leading...

In a very busy world,

so preoccupied.
Everybody has agendas--
courtesy is denied!
Everyone seems focused--getting
done what must be done...
there is so very much to do
and no time be 'for fun!'

But look ye closer: GOOD EXISTS
and happens all the day!
That which may seem so minor
changes life in a major way!
The ones who do so may not even
realize what they've done,
and they set in motion 'good' that this life
CANNOT make 'undone!'

So heed THAT call!  Do that which
the heart leads you to do!
Few may see the 'good' you've done,
but LIFE'S rewards are true!!
You do not have to look too far
to find that pressing need.
Find that which needs to take place, and
let not a thing impede!

Excuses are so rife
here in this fleeting life.
Someone, somewhere needs you!
Be faithful: GO AND DO!

There are so many 'opportunities' in this life.  For some, you don't even have to leave the house!  Someone you know right now needs a phone call!  Somebody at your work place needs a word of encouragement.  Someone in town needs...and the list of opportunities is endless!  Don't miss the blessing of reaching out!

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