Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Servant's Creed

There are so many wonderful things that a 'Christian' can enjoy!  'Things' that money cannot obtain!  However, that life comes with responsibilities!  Are YOU up to it?

"You have anointed us, o Lord,

to go out into living
to share the wonder of You and
Your wondrous ways of 'giving!'
The 'things' that You distribute, Lord;
Your ways are not our ways;
yet You bless us abundantly
throughout our earthly days!
And we, we are to take those gifts,
distributing at will;
for this we know: from YOUR supply
You constantly refill!

Yes, you have so anointed us,
appointed us, as well.
To take You to the uttermost,
Your Spirit would compel;
everyone at all;
ministering unto each need,
according to Your Call!
Yea, Lord, You so enable us
to go unto the masses
with gifts and great necessities
that, this life, e'er surpasses!
We're blessed!  We're fortunate we choose
to be Your heart and hands
so that, the glories of Your love,
this world understands!"

Yes, remember, we are His heart, His feet, His hands here in this temporary place!  May that be an assignment that we take not lightly!

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