Monday, November 15, 2021

The Busy River

Time so briefly away from the grind.  Here to escape for awhile to unwind and recuperate.  Doing so out in the glory of God's creation...

The sun and breeze--oblivious
unto activities
of the busyness unending
here in days like these!
So grateful I that they continue
with their priceless gifts-
shining light and giving scents
in a way that lifts!

For underneath the sun men scramble
to do all they can do;
as fast as it can--the whole of life
shines on as if anew!
Flowers blossom...trees bud out...
birds fly here and there...
and the mighty river flows
around the bend somewhere!

The busyness of business--
it almost never ends.
BUT GOD, Himself, provides such wonder
as the time descends,
to pull our focus back to Him
and all His wondrous ways;
He is the perfect "distraction"
here in these latter days!

Precious time away from all else but God's Presence.  Time so needed!  Time so necessary!  Make sure that such time is a part of YOUR day!  You will be all the richer for it!


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