Monday, November 29, 2021

That 'Virtuous' Woman!

I have found her...and she agreed to marry me!  IMAGINE THAT!  That was over 40 years ago, and she continues to keep this family on even keel!

"Everything that we possess
can be traced back to you!
In spite of what life throws at you,
you press on and DO!
The little things that must occur
I think of and you've done;
and you make sure THIS MAN has time
for God and time for 'fun!'

I am wealthy--a wife of 'virtue,'
surely did I find.
For God Most High created you
by hand with me in mind!
He gifted you with skills and talents
different than mine--
when we're together, it's a 
combination so divine!
Yes, where I may 'lack,' you so excel,
and dreams, they come to pass!
Where I may be 'heart,' you are muscle,
together equals 'class!'
And progress do we come to know
with Jesus at the head;
yes, progress do we come to know
as, onward, we are led!"

Solomon wrote of the virtuous woman.  The rest of God's Word referred to her throughout, and I married her!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!
Thank you, my love, for being my wife!


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