Sunday, November 7, 2021

So much to live for!

If you pay attention and take 90% of media to heart, your outlook is probably "What's the point?"  If you are at that point, CHANGE THE CHANNEL OR TURN OFF THE TV!!  For God is for you and He is not against you...regardless of your situation!

Greater realms await the ones
that, onward, ever press.
To not give up, refuse to quit,
is crucial to success!
Whatever be the obstacles,
the path or the event,
do your best, yes, give your all,
advance with all intent!
Too many be the 'reasons' to
accept the 'status quo;'
but most of them be mere 'excuses'
not to further go.
Sure, there are valid 'reasons' that some
can't go any longer,
but those 'without excuse' will find
themselves but getting stronger!
And ALL have opportunity

in JESUS to advance,
just take it to Him, He can
override all 'circumstance!'

The door, it will not shut unless
The Lord provides one more.
Such is proven truth for any
length you serve Him for!
are born again in Christ!
For your advancement and success
but He was sacrificed!
And for our victory over this life
He rose from the grave!
So, when you face that obstacle,
recall why He does save!

NEVER GIVE UP!  Whoever you are, whatever your circumstance, you are valuable and of great use to God!  Ask Him 'What's next?'  He will honor your request.  Do not 'throw in the towel' and quit!  YOU have so much to live for!

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