Saturday, November 6, 2021

Seasonal Scenes

Attempting to pay attention, I am 'distracted' by the glory and the splendor of the trees as they turn. 'Distracted?'  No, no, no.  BLESSED!!

The vibrancy of maples so
illuminate the land.
It's like The Master takes His brush
and paints each leaf by hand!
The richness right before they float
so gently to the ground
causing a most-glorious 
of tapestry be found!

Hues so warm the atmosphere
so opposite the same!
Take a moment to behold
November's glorious flame!
All else can wait!  Such glory happens
oh but once a year!
So blessed and fortunate be them
that have such vision near!

Yes, November in the scenery--
so blatant and so clear!
Thank God Creator for His order
ever to endear!
Such a treat unto the eyes
that take time to behold.
God Most High--so very subtle,
God Most High--so bold!

Yea, blessed be them that take time to behold such grandeur!  (Fortunate be them that live in a place where all four seasons occur!)  NEVER take the weather for granted!  What may be a curse to some may be a blessing to others.  God knows what He's doing.  Stand back and enjoy.


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