Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Out in the field...

The middle of the afternoon.  Labor is over for the day, so God and I walk the fields.  We converse so freely as I inspect the fruit that He blesses us with... 

As I walk the rows with Him,

inspecting precious fruit,
we talk of many other things
than the field's sheer loot;
We also talk of lighter things
as we there converse...
and so commune we, God and I,
in ways one can't rehearse.

As afternoon progresses,
We both scan above the grove.
Behold the valleys and the hills:
oh, what treasure-trove!
And to the east, a little north,
Idyllwild in white!
Though it is several hours away,
it is a massive sight!

From Sleeping Indian, I see
landscapes so very vast:
groves and farms so rife with fruit--
soon, harvest will be past.
But, in the distance, that so white
and almost set aglow,
so captivates the vision and
the pen begins to flow...

Idyllwild, so awesome,
erect in majesty
so captivates the senses
of them that look and see!

Yes, there are glorious landscapes and sights all around and WHEREVER we are!  We must only slow down a bit and take note of them!  For God creates them, and we are all the richer as we behold them, giving HIM all the glory!

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