Friday, November 12, 2021

Mrs. Busby

Looking back.  Most folks who have accomplished what I am looking back upon do so alone.  Not me!  I have an amazing wife to recollect with me, (and fill in the blanks!)

On a Sunday afternoon so long ago,
in a little, bitty car we both did go.
We had fried turkey in a different way,
then, mini-golf, for hours, did we play.
I knew, that afternoon, you were THE ONE,
but kept my mouth shut, savoring the fun!
My sister, Vicki, and my beloved mother,
they also figured there would be no other!
Conspiring between them both a 'wedding plan'
for that lovely young lady and this clumsy man!
And that night, when I took you to your house to be,
I knew, somehow, you would spend your life with me!
Returning home, I stopped upon a hill,
praying...crying...and laughing from the thrill
that 'that little girl that I knew back in school,'
my heart and my emotions, could so rule!

And here we are--over 40 years from then!
For you've made me the happiest of men!
Though life has touched us both so physically,
but, so deep in love, continue we to be!
For to 'The Islands' we have not yet been;
and you listen to 'those memories' now and then;
but promises from 40 years ago we've kept.
We've loved and laughed, we've suffered and we've wept.
And God--so faithful has he been to us:
great kids and grandkids--about which we fuss!
And a home and land we've paid for!  THEY'RE OUR OWN!
Hmm...perhaps 'The Islands,' they may still be known!

40 years, plus seven months of dating.
We have so very much to be celebrating!
Most of all: together we be yet,
as, more 'in love,' but daily, do we get!!

Forty years.  A milestone for couples our age.  A milestone for ANY marriage in the days and times that we live in!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  I am blessed with an amazing wife who has abilities and talents that be oh so rare!  
"Thank You, Father God, for the love compassion, and patience that You have blessed Debby Busby with.  Without those qualities, I don't think she could handle me!"


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