Thursday, November 4, 2021


'Ministers.'  That is not a title reserved for a precious few.  It is a calling applied to every heart in which Jesus Christ dwells.  Question is: do YOU heed that calling?

Transactions all throughout the day--

reaching out my hand.
I try to do it quickly using
words they understand.
Often comes a car along
that needs more than mere 'food;'
getting THEM through 'very quickly'
would be downright rude!
No, they have a much greater need
than purchasing a meal.
Holy Spirit checks my heart
and I do not appeal.
I write down their request, (which is
not on the 'menu board,')
And, when there is a break in cars,
I take it to the Lord.

Not ALL 'ministry' takes place
in a church's hallowed halls.
For Jesus Christ has got a 'Church,'
and it is without walls!
So fortunate and blessed, THOSE members,
as we are in use
at any time, in any place,
and beyond all 'excuse!'

Being in employ of God--
His work, it never ends!
Sometimes, it makes enemies,
but, most times, it makes friends.
And even sometimes it makes 'brothers'
of the ones in need.
Be open, therefore, to those times
and, always, take much heed!

There are divine appointments all throughout the day.  All throughout OUR day, whomever you are!  It matters not your occupation, what matters is your willingness to be available and open to His gentle whispers.

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