Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Labor's Fruits

The cars are backed up even before I clock in!  So busy is it in this wonderful place that people call 'work!'  How do YOU view that place where YOU work?

Plugging away again at what

some call "the daily grind..."
doing my best to please the folks,
skills--they get refined!
Every day is like another
in so many ways...
in others, every day is 'different,'
and I give God all praise!

Today is different--it's cooler out
than the weeks before;
the lines don't stop, but one just bought
the meals for the next four!
'Little' miracles that happen
all throughout the day;
'things' that keep this life alive,
and keep 'boredom' at bay!

Plugging along...blessing others...
'til I leave this place...
There is a deck awaiting with
a view that's made by grace!
A wife is there, and fellowship
I so look forward to!
My reward for 'A job well done,'
like only God can do!

It is certainly the prayer of this man that each of you that put in your day's work can return home to a refuge such as this!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  He rewards, restores and rejuvenates us as we put our all into 'the job' that He has blessed us with!  Yes, see 'that job' as a blessing and you will NEVER tire of it!

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