Wednesday, November 17, 2021


The holidays are upon us.  Time to be grateful and celebrate.  Time to give gifts to the ones we love.  Why is it, however, that some 'loved ones' are only heard from during Christmas, and we get an 'answering machine' when WE attempt to reach them at all other times.  It shouldn't be that way!

Business--it is busy!
There is so much to do.

There is so much 'expected' of us
all the whole year though!
But the amount of time we spend
doing that which we MUST
should NOT dictate our contact with
the ones we love and trust!

Too often, yea, too many times
does such as this occur!
I hear it when I counsel folks,
they say 'life is such a whir!'
But 'life' should not prevent those 'things'
that matter most of all:
like visiting one another, or 
making a simple call!
If we cannot make time for something
as simple as the phone,
then motives should be rearranged,
that fellowship may be known!
For God did not bless us so richly
that, busy, we should be
with things that swallow up our time,
and suffering should be!

For there is nothing in this life
that's greater than a 'friend!'
And not a thing at all is worth
such accord to know an end!
So be there, ye, for one another,
any time at all;
it only takes a few minutes
to make that precious call!

"The more advanced we get, the more 'apart' we grow?" 
So it seems.  But such should certainly not be!!  Especially with all that's availed to us to keep in touch!  Think about it.


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