Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Issues and Events

This life is full of them...and they seem to get more and more intense as time goes by!  There is a time, however, guaranteed by God to them that have Jesus' Blood applied, when such will be no more, and only GOOD will exist!

Above all issues and events
there are things so much greater!
Things that will be worth it all
when NEVER is there "later!"
Yea, time is waning, waning ever as
That Day becomes more near,
and issues all, (but not events,)
for they will disappear!

Events will happen at a pace
WE cannot understand!
Thus it be of much more import
to cling unto His hand
and have Him, Jesus, in the heart,
so firmly there indwelt,
as life THEN as we know it not
will fill that Glory Belt!

All issues and events of now
compare but not at all
to that which is awaiting them
responding to His Call!
For only good and perfect things
will be present in that living!
Press on!  Press on, my brother man,

Yea, issues and events of now take a toll on these bodies.  Oh, but there are Promises alive that guarantee far greater, better things than we can ever imagine.
Press on, my friend.  For it WILL be worth it all!


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