Tuesday, November 30, 2021


However, you will hear very little about it in 'the press!'  WE must cling to the good that is, as we are going to be constantly bombarded these days with messages that try to sway us otherwise...

The local news...the national news...
the world news, too...
they seem to scheme together to
create a sadder view!
BUT CHRIST IS BORN!  And 'good' goes on
that no one will report!
Therefore, it is up to us,
one another, to exhort!
Yes, edify each other as,
approaches, Christmas Day!
Life is complicated...busy...
but there's another Way!
TURN IT OFF!  Press on ahead!
Tend to what matters most!
Clear your mind of 'chatter' and,
in LIVING, get engrossed!
For God will lead you to that place
where 'news,' it yet goes on,
but the stress of such, it will,
from your life, will be gone!
And you may then succeed at things
that matter most of all;
and, in doing such, you'll be
accomplishing His Call!

The news--it is informative,
it's a distraction, too!
For God, He has but so much more
to pay attention to:
reaching out...rejoicing...
caring...loving one another;
in doing such, we so address
that which afflicts each other!

The enemy would sell us a bill of goods that is no good whatsoever!  DON'T BUY IT!  There is an innumerable amount of 'good' going on in this world, but you will hear very little about it on 'The Daily News!'  Choose THE GOOD NEWS, instead!


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