Friday, November 19, 2021

Finished Up!

Ahh....victory!  Got everything done that needed to be,  It took a little while longer than expected, but the fruits of such are very well worth it!

Day is over, once again;
a great success this day has been!
Now, in the calm of early night,
in The Lord I take delight!
No more duties to attend,
no more efforts to expend,
no more solutions to devise--
but time with God to be my prize!
No greater be the just reward
than being with my God and Lord
as nightfall changes all the land--
for ALL THINGS does He understand!

Restoration from the day...
perfect peace here to display...
the calm, the quiet and the King--
all meet in this ingathering! 
Oh rush me not as We sojourn.
There is so very much to learn
where there is nothing going on
except His Presence hereupon!

Relaxation, peace and clam--
so very priceless be that balm
He uses in this holy place
that He's created by His grace!

No, do not rush these precious, priceless times!  For they are so very necessary in the days that are!  Find them for yourself and know the true value of them!

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