Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Dr. Ware

In order to get my eyes PROPERLY treated, my wife must drive me four hours away from home.  Sure, it's a long drive.  Sure, it takes at least one day for the complete trip, but God sees to it that we are greatly only HE can do!

Once again...somewhere to 'wait!'
Life has become 'time and date!'
'Be here this time and day...'
oh, but there IS a better way!!
Beyond 'schedules, time' and more,
the Lord has purpose for
all that's going on in life;
(there's even 'purpose' for the strife!')

Once more, in a distant place,
there is enjoyment I can face!
Sure, there is 'purpose' I am here,
for years that has been very clear!
But there's enjoyment to be had,
and times of 'fun;' (not ALL is bad!!)
And sure, the reason may cause stress,
BUT GOD finds ways to truly bless!

Away from home so many hours...
BUT GOD, wherever, He empowers,
blessing and protecting well,
wherever our locations tell!
He is so very good indeed
whenever labors may impede
to give us precious, priceless days
in HIS Own exclusive ways!

Thank you, Dr. Ware, for allowing God to use your talents the way you do, and for HIS glory!  You are one of the most professional, humble doctors that we have ever had the pleasure of being associated with!  WE ARE BLESSED!

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