Saturday, November 27, 2021


That word has become troubling for many a soul here in the latter days.  However, what if we were NOT as diverse as we are?  Hmm...

How can I use 'diversity'
as a basic strength?
Those deemed as 'devout' have termed
the same as 'foul' at length!
But if you and I were NOT diverse
how boring life would be!
Just remove the 'stigma' and
such wonder could we see!!

'Diversity' has become of late
such an 'immoral' thing!
Thanks to extremes and media
what disgust does it bring!
BUT GOD, He made things so diverse,
and beautiful at that!
to find the beauty in one another--
for this is where we're at!

I am very different from you,
and THAT is very good!
Yet, so many similarities,
find each of us, we could!
Lest we become 'robotic,' our 'selves'
but each of us must be--
thus displaying God's great love
and His great artistry!

Yes, 'diversity' has taken on such vulgar connotation of late, when the last thing in the world God wants is a bunch of 'robots!!'  Be yourself!  I will be myself and, IF we be REAL, together we will glorify Him Who made each of us exactly who we are!

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