Monday, November 22, 2021


You had a very small list of things to do.  I told you exactly how to get them done.  You did not stay within those parameters, BUT, we still got the same results.  How crucial is that?

"You didn't follow my instructions--

I think we need to talk,"
as those suggestions that I make
you seem to always balk!
What you SAID and what I DID
both got the same results,
but HOW I got it done offended?
Now, I field insults!

For there is one established goal,
ONE destination all;
but each of us take different routes
according to HIS Call!
For God Himself awaits us each
as we follow CHRIST'S lead;
whichever be OUR 'straight and narrow'
let us ever heed!
The path, it differs greatly as
it winds to ONE set end.
Along the way, take time to make,
of everyone, a friend!
For God, Himself, will filter them
as you continue on,
thus, making sure, the TRUEST ones
not ever will be gone!

You didn't follow my instructions,
yet, did we succeed!
Specifics often matter, but
to headaches, shouldn't lead!
Press on, press on!  Do not give up!
And do the BEST you can!
All paths, they differ greatly, but
most of them are God's plan!

A thousand things we go through each day.  Most of us go through them as a group or organization.  That OFTEN means that feet get stepped on for the greater good.  Can YOU handle being a part of such a group?  God will teach you to real fast!

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