Tuesday, November 30, 2021

December First

We find ourselves on December 1 once again.  If your world is anything like mine, 'Christmas' has already been 'pushed' upon us for a few months already!  However hard the world is pushing it, let us not forget the TRUE Reason of Christmas, and HE is newer every day!  So relax.  Take a breath.  Jesus wants you to ENJOY His birthday...

"Blessed be the breath You give

at any time at all!
Glory unto You, oh God,
THE ONE Who seals our call!
You see the week that we have had
as we gather to You,
and You offer restoration, even
as the morning dew!

The world itself would seek to choke us
with its many ways!
Offering us many 'things'
that, busier, be the days!
BUT GOD, You see its motives and
You give Your very breath
for to inhale and settle us,
lest we should taste of death!

So necessary is Your rest, Lord,
in a life a-whir!
At any time at all, oh God,
with us, would You confer!
Addressing and directing, that
we get the most from life,
while avoiding unnecessary
drama, grief and strife!

Oh, the living breath You give--
what necessary gift!
Everything about us You
|improve and You uplift!
A restoration so availed
but nowhere else at all,
and given unto anyone
that answers to Your Call!"

Going into December, I know how much busier each of us are going to get!  Therefore, He put upon my heart this reminder to us all to NOT let the stress of "holidays" get to us!  For such was NEVER meant to be!
ENJOY the season of celebrating His birth and giving to one another!

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