Saturday, November 13, 2021


Tomorrow is our actual 40th wedding anniversary.  As I prayed and thought of what to write this evening, it occurred to me: why not recount the night before our wedding?

The night before the day that would
completely change my life!
Tomorrow afternoon, I will
receive her as my wife!
The past six months have been a whir
with work and wedding plans;
anyone who goes through this
completely understands!

But it's the night before.  I should be
partying with friends!
But here I find myself, in tears,
and prayer that never ends!
Yes, here I am, with a couple friends
and the Presence of The Lord.
We spend the hours praying to Him
about this blest accord!
No partying...
no revelry at all...
but pray we each for one another
and listen for God's call!
Unconventional?  Of course!
But that's what this group has been!
And, looking forty years ago,
I treasure so those friends!!
And recollecting on those years--
the many ups-and-downs--
at times, we've each been serious,
at other times, such clowns!
And treasure yet I all those days
these years have so contained;
and proud am I that, she and I,
a "marriage" have maintained!

40 years.  Friends have come and gone.  Only a few remain in touch. But the most important part is that my BEST friend is still right here next to me!  GOD IS SO GOOD!!


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