Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Any Success At All!

Life is happening.  It may not be happening exactly how WE want, but we LIVE nonetheless... all due His amazing grace!  Somewhere in that 'daily living,' we MUST make time to step back and acknowledge His Presence!  For it is only due to Him that we have any success at all!

The glory and the majesty,
the splendor and the awe...
they all exist as day goes on
in spite of any flaw!
This living and its many ways
affect His glory not;
behold Him in His fulness, there is
separation not!

As busy as this life becomes,
He panics not at all.
He sees the end result regardless
what may come to call!
Remaining cool, collected, calm,
all order He retains;
and, pressing through, upon our part,
so garners many gains!

Yea, focus on the task at hand
while KNOWING what's ahead,
become we each victorious
as, by HIM, we are led!
The glory and the majesty--
they are and they will be,
and all the more incredible
when, His face, we shall see!

Yes, the glory, majesty and sheer Presence of Jesus Christ spur us to press on matter what!  For we are IN this world, but we are not OF this world.  Though we must go through the ups-and-downs of everyday, we KNOW that it is worth it all in time!

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