Monday, November 8, 2021

Afternoon...after all...

Walking about the acre, conversing with my Creator, He so articulately reminds me of His presence!  Look with me.  Can YOU see Him?

Amidst the gentle breezes
that autumn would produce,
the remnants of the season
take little to induce
they're floating, without effort,
anywhere they may desire--
so to contribute to November's
bold and gentle fire!

God converses yet again
with me amongst the trees.
For there is not a price to put
on special times like these!
Neither be there price on wisdom
from His words I glean!
So beautiful...
and, with Him, so serene!

A special treat but every day:
the time that we both spend
together in His grand creation--
and it will never end!
For when the days, the days are gone
with scenery like this,
we'll be together, hand-in-hand,
in Heaven's eternal bliss!

"Even so, come quickly, Lord!"
It is my daily cry!
But until then, glimpses of His glory
would my Lord supply!
So faithful He throughout the day,
whatever life would hold,
to remind this man of His
great Presence, oh so bold!

Aahhh...afternoon...after work...after all chores are taken care of, this special time is provided by Him to all that serve Him.  DON'T NEGLECT IT!


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