Friday, November 5, 2021


So many ways to unwind after a very busy day.  Come with me.  Let's sit out here on the deck and look out across His creation...

The sun upon decline to see
the land aglow once more,
bringing into vision what 
we've come to so adore!
His handiwork aplenty as
the afternoon fades out,
He proves to them that pay attention

Birds of every color fly
but all about the land,
gathering the nourishment 
He scatters with His hand.
Deer of several number graze
as some stay out-of-sight;
at ANY time, their grace and beauty
is of great delight!
And puffy clouds of brilliant white
float high above the hills,
contorting into many shapes
by the breeze that swills!

Another priceless eve created
by Creator God!
His generosity and ways
but all life would applaud!
Without Him, there would be NO life,
so, blessed, each man should be
that he can even take a breath
and hear, taste, smell and see!!

Yes, taste and see!  For the Lord is good this late afternoon!  Blessed be them that take time out of their busyness to notice His creation.  For it is all too easy to get caught up in everything else!


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