Thursday, November 25, 2021

A state of the Heart

The last Thursday each November.  The world has caused it to be the beginning of five weeks of dread!  However, it does NOT have to be that way!

THANKSGIVING!  Celebrate the bounty

from His mighty hand!
Give thanks--whatever be our lot
oh let us understand!
There is so much that God provides
without us even knowing--
take time to dwell upon the truth
wherever you are going!

Thanksgiving.  Set aside all stress,
all schedules and all strife.
Be grateful for the basics, folks,
be grateful just for 'life!'
There is so very much today
competing for our time...
make time to focus on what's 'right,'
and, into His lap, climb!

So thankful that we have the sight to 'see...'
and for the sights availed to such as we...
so grateful for each person that arrives...
so grateful we have JESUS in our lives!

THANKSGIVING--It is not the 'crowd'
or even the 'amount!'
It is an opportunity
our blessings for to count!
And it is time to also share
that with which we've been blessed!
Thanksgiving--oh, but every day,
to HIM, may we attest!

Thanksgiving--it is NOT a National holiday, it is a state of the heart...CONSTANTLY!  See that your heart is so ordered, and gratitude will be a natural by-product!

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