Tuesday, November 30, 2021

December First

We find ourselves on December 1 once again.  If your world is anything like mine, 'Christmas' has already been 'pushed' upon us for a few months already!  However hard the world is pushing it, let us not forget the TRUE Reason of Christmas, and HE is newer every day!  So relax.  Take a breath.  Jesus wants you to ENJOY His birthday...

"Blessed be the breath You give

at any time at all!
Glory unto You, oh God,
THE ONE Who seals our call!
You see the week that we have had
as we gather to You,
and You offer restoration, even
as the morning dew!

The world itself would seek to choke us
with its many ways!
Offering us many 'things'
that, busier, be the days!
BUT GOD, You see its motives and
You give Your very breath
for to inhale and settle us,
lest we should taste of death!

So necessary is Your rest, Lord,
in a life a-whir!
At any time at all, oh God,
with us, would You confer!
Addressing and directing, that
we get the most from life,
while avoiding unnecessary
drama, grief and strife!

Oh, the living breath You give--
what necessary gift!
Everything about us You
|improve and You uplift!
A restoration so availed
but nowhere else at all,
and given unto anyone
that answers to Your Call!"

Going into December, I know how much busier each of us are going to get!  Therefore, He put upon my heart this reminder to us all to NOT let the stress of "holidays" get to us!  For such was NEVER meant to be!
ENJOY the season of celebrating His birth and giving to one another!


However, you will hear very little about it in 'the press!'  WE must cling to the good that is, as we are going to be constantly bombarded these days with messages that try to sway us otherwise...

The local news...the national news...
the world news, too...
they seem to scheme together to
create a sadder view!
BUT CHRIST IS BORN!  And 'good' goes on
that no one will report!
Therefore, it is up to us,
one another, to exhort!
Yes, edify each other as,
approaches, Christmas Day!
Life is complicated...busy...
but there's another Way!
TURN IT OFF!  Press on ahead!
Tend to what matters most!
Clear your mind of 'chatter' and,
in LIVING, get engrossed!
For God will lead you to that place
where 'news,' it yet goes on,
but the stress of such, it will,
from your life, will be gone!
And you may then succeed at things
that matter most of all;
and, in doing such, you'll be
accomplishing His Call!

The news--it is informative,
it's a distraction, too!
For God, He has but so much more
to pay attention to:
reaching out...rejoicing...
caring...loving one another;
in doing such, we so address
that which afflicts each other!

The enemy would sell us a bill of goods that is no good whatsoever!  DON'T BUY IT!  There is an innumerable amount of 'good' going on in this world, but you will hear very little about it on 'The Daily News!'  Choose THE GOOD NEWS, instead!


Monday, November 29, 2021

That 'Virtuous' Woman!

I have found her...and she agreed to marry me!  IMAGINE THAT!  That was over 40 years ago, and she continues to keep this family on even keel!

"Everything that we possess
can be traced back to you!
In spite of what life throws at you,
you press on and DO!
The little things that must occur
I think of and you've done;
and you make sure THIS MAN has time
for God and time for 'fun!'

I am wealthy--a wife of 'virtue,'
surely did I find.
For God Most High created you
by hand with me in mind!
He gifted you with skills and talents
different than mine--
when we're together, it's a 
combination so divine!
Yes, where I may 'lack,' you so excel,
and dreams, they come to pass!
Where I may be 'heart,' you are muscle,
together equals 'class!'
And progress do we come to know
with Jesus at the head;
yes, progress do we come to know
as, onward, we are led!"

Solomon wrote of the virtuous woman.  The rest of God's Word referred to her throughout, and I married her!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!
Thank you, my love, for being my wife!


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Absolute Truth!

No matter what or how this world may argue, Jesus Christ is Truth, and HE changes not!!

No matter how the world changes,

"Truth" remains the same.
Once we have a love for more
life becomes aflame!
Too many in the days that are
avoid it at all cost;
the same become so void inside
and so become they 'lost.'

But 'Truth' will be forever--long
past anything that be;
that may be that, from the same,
so many try to flee!
But capture and embrace it so,
that 'Truth' be fully known:
for 'Truth' is come in Jesus Christ--
the Son of God alone!

Regardless ebb and flow of life,
TRUTH remains the same!
So very few things in this life
can make so bold a claim!
And NOTHING in this life may claim
the place of Jesus Christ--
for He is Truth unto the point
that He was sacrificed!

Yes, this life changes at will, but Truth changes not!  He is faithful.  He is dependable.  He is for you and not against you, and He is coming soon to receive unto Himself them that know Him as Jesus Christ--the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Saturday, November 27, 2021


That word has become troubling for many a soul here in the latter days.  However, what if we were NOT as diverse as we are?  Hmm...

How can I use 'diversity'
as a basic strength?
Those deemed as 'devout' have termed
the same as 'foul' at length!
But if you and I were NOT diverse
how boring life would be!
Just remove the 'stigma' and
such wonder could we see!!

'Diversity' has become of late
such an 'immoral' thing!
Thanks to extremes and media
what disgust does it bring!
BUT GOD, He made things so diverse,
and beautiful at that!
to find the beauty in one another--
for this is where we're at!

I am very different from you,
and THAT is very good!
Yet, so many similarities,
find each of us, we could!
Lest we become 'robotic,' our 'selves'
but each of us must be--
thus displaying God's great love
and His great artistry!

Yes, 'diversity' has taken on such vulgar connotation of late, when the last thing in the world God wants is a bunch of 'robots!!'  Be yourself!  I will be myself and, IF we be REAL, together we will glorify Him Who made each of us exactly who we are!

Friday, November 26, 2021

Too 'caught up?'

The world is a busy place.  It is FULL of needy people.  Some of those folks, however, are doing their best to press on without letting anyone know of said needs.
How open are YOU to Holy Spirit's leading...

In a very busy world,

so preoccupied.
Everybody has agendas--
courtesy is denied!
Everyone seems focused--getting
done what must be done...
there is so very much to do
and no time be 'for fun!'

But look ye closer: GOOD EXISTS
and happens all the day!
That which may seem so minor
changes life in a major way!
The ones who do so may not even
realize what they've done,
and they set in motion 'good' that this life
CANNOT make 'undone!'

So heed THAT call!  Do that which
the heart leads you to do!
Few may see the 'good' you've done,
but LIFE'S rewards are true!!
You do not have to look too far
to find that pressing need.
Find that which needs to take place, and
let not a thing impede!

Excuses are so rife
here in this fleeting life.
Someone, somewhere needs you!
Be faithful: GO AND DO!

There are so many 'opportunities' in this life.  For some, you don't even have to leave the house!  Someone you know right now needs a phone call!  Somebody at your work place needs a word of encouragement.  Someone in town needs...and the list of opportunities is endless!  Don't miss the blessing of reaching out!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

A state of the Heart

The last Thursday each November.  The world has caused it to be the beginning of five weeks of dread!  However, it does NOT have to be that way!

THANKSGIVING!  Celebrate the bounty

from His mighty hand!
Give thanks--whatever be our lot
oh let us understand!
There is so much that God provides
without us even knowing--
take time to dwell upon the truth
wherever you are going!

Thanksgiving.  Set aside all stress,
all schedules and all strife.
Be grateful for the basics, folks,
be grateful just for 'life!'
There is so very much today
competing for our time...
make time to focus on what's 'right,'
and, into His lap, climb!

So thankful that we have the sight to 'see...'
and for the sights availed to such as we...
so grateful for each person that arrives...
so grateful we have JESUS in our lives!

THANKSGIVING--It is not the 'crowd'
or even the 'amount!'
It is an opportunity
our blessings for to count!
And it is time to also share
that with which we've been blessed!
Thanksgiving--oh, but every day,
to HIM, may we attest!

Thanksgiving--it is NOT a National holiday, it is a state of the heart...CONSTANTLY!  See that your heart is so ordered, and gratitude will be a natural by-product!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Dr. Ware

In order to get my eyes PROPERLY treated, my wife must drive me four hours away from home.  Sure, it's a long drive.  Sure, it takes at least one day for the complete trip, but God sees to it that we are greatly rewarded...as only HE can do!

Once again...somewhere to 'wait!'
Life has become 'time and date!'
'Be here this time and day...'
oh, but there IS a better way!!
Beyond 'schedules, time' and more,
the Lord has purpose for
all that's going on in life;
(there's even 'purpose' for the strife!')

Once more, in a distant place,
there is enjoyment I can face!
Sure, there is 'purpose' I am here,
for years that has been very clear!
But there's enjoyment to be had,
and times of 'fun;' (not ALL is bad!!)
And sure, the reason may cause stress,
BUT GOD finds ways to truly bless!

Away from home so many hours...
BUT GOD, wherever, He empowers,
blessing and protecting well,
wherever our locations tell!
He is so very good indeed
whenever labors may impede
to give us precious, priceless days
in HIS Own exclusive ways!

Thank you, Dr. Ware, for allowing God to use your talents the way you do, and for HIS glory!  You are one of the most professional, humble doctors that we have ever had the pleasure of being associated with!  WE ARE BLESSED!

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Labor's Fruits

The cars are backed up even before I clock in!  So busy is it in this wonderful place that people call 'work!'  How do YOU view that place where YOU work?

Plugging away again at what

some call "the daily grind..."
doing my best to please the folks,
skills--they get refined!
Every day is like another
in so many ways...
in others, every day is 'different,'
and I give God all praise!

Today is different--it's cooler out
than the weeks before;
the lines don't stop, but one just bought
the meals for the next four!
'Little' miracles that happen
all throughout the day;
'things' that keep this life alive,
and keep 'boredom' at bay!

Plugging along...blessing others...
'til I leave this place...
There is a deck awaiting with
a view that's made by grace!
A wife is there, and fellowship
I so look forward to!
My reward for 'A job well done,'
like only God can do!

It is certainly the prayer of this man that each of you that put in your day's work can return home to a refuge such as this!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  He rewards, restores and rejuvenates us as we put our all into 'the job' that He has blessed us with!  Yes, see 'that job' as a blessing and you will NEVER tire of it!

Monday, November 22, 2021


You had a very small list of things to do.  I told you exactly how to get them done.  You did not stay within those parameters, BUT, we still got the same results.  How crucial is that?

"You didn't follow my instructions--

I think we need to talk,"
as those suggestions that I make
you seem to always balk!
What you SAID and what I DID
both got the same results,
but HOW I got it done offended?
Now, I field insults!

For there is one established goal,
ONE destination all;
but each of us take different routes
according to HIS Call!
For God Himself awaits us each
as we follow CHRIST'S lead;
whichever be OUR 'straight and narrow'
let us ever heed!
The path, it differs greatly as
it winds to ONE set end.
Along the way, take time to make,
of everyone, a friend!
For God, Himself, will filter them
as you continue on,
thus, making sure, the TRUEST ones
not ever will be gone!

You didn't follow my instructions,
yet, did we succeed!
Specifics often matter, but
to headaches, shouldn't lead!
Press on, press on!  Do not give up!
And do the BEST you can!
All paths, they differ greatly, but
most of them are God's plan!

A thousand things we go through each day.  Most of us go through them as a group or organization.  That OFTEN means that feet get stepped on for the greater good.  Can YOU handle being a part of such a group?  God will teach you to real fast!

Friday, November 19, 2021

Finished Up!

Ahh....victory!  Got everything done that needed to be,  It took a little while longer than expected, but the fruits of such are very well worth it!

Day is over, once again;
a great success this day has been!
Now, in the calm of early night,
in The Lord I take delight!
No more duties to attend,
no more efforts to expend,
no more solutions to devise--
but time with God to be my prize!
No greater be the just reward
than being with my God and Lord
as nightfall changes all the land--
for ALL THINGS does He understand!

Restoration from the day...
perfect peace here to display...
the calm, the quiet and the King--
all meet in this ingathering! 
Oh rush me not as We sojourn.
There is so very much to learn
where there is nothing going on
except His Presence hereupon!

Relaxation, peace and clam--
so very priceless be that balm
He uses in this holy place
that He's created by His grace!

No, do not rush these precious, priceless times!  For they are so very necessary in the days that are!  Find them for yourself and know the true value of them!

Thursday, November 18, 2021

When is 'too early?'

It started almost two months ago.  Retailers THROWING Christmas at us as hard as they can!!  The major chain in our modest town started turning the 'garden center' outside into fake trees and ornaments at the beginning of October!  Whatever happened to 'waiting until the day after Thanksgiving?!'  Those were the days!

Christmas--don't focus on
merchandise, but 'Perfect Peace!'
Let's have the vanity and the
fa├žade to finally cease,
and the reality of 'Real'
to finally come to pass...
oh, would that not be a great relief
unto the harried mass?

Christmas--let's have Jesus Christ
to be hailed and exalted!
May ALL that generates the 'stress
of season' to be halted!
For He is holy!  He is worthy
to be celebrated,
even if that means that gifts
to others are 'belated!'

CHRISTMAS--get it right, ye masses,
Let celebration to His
Holy Name be greatly known!
O give to one another 'things'
that just cannot be 'bought,'
and take a moment, EVERY DAY,
to give The Lord heart-thought!

Yes, I guess that '...waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to start celebrating CHRISTmas' shows my age.  But those times were less stressful, less hurried, and certainly less expensive!
I am NOT against Christmas, but I sure get tired of seeing it being pushed as soon as 'summer' is over!
So, instead of pushing kids to make Christmas lists and stocking up on 'the latest must-haves,' let us not forget that this is a time to be THANKFUL.  Let's celebrate all the blessings WE ALREADY HAVE and are thankful for until Thanksgiving.  THEN, we can pour our heart's into THE SEASON OF JESUS' BIRTH!


Wednesday, November 17, 2021


The holidays are upon us.  Time to be grateful and celebrate.  Time to give gifts to the ones we love.  Why is it, however, that some 'loved ones' are only heard from during Christmas, and we get an 'answering machine' when WE attempt to reach them at all other times.  It shouldn't be that way!

Business--it is busy!
There is so much to do.

There is so much 'expected' of us
all the whole year though!
But the amount of time we spend
doing that which we MUST
should NOT dictate our contact with
the ones we love and trust!

Too often, yea, too many times
does such as this occur!
I hear it when I counsel folks,
they say 'life is such a whir!'
But 'life' should not prevent those 'things'
that matter most of all:
like visiting one another, or 
making a simple call!
If we cannot make time for something
as simple as the phone,
then motives should be rearranged,
that fellowship may be known!
For God did not bless us so richly
that, busy, we should be
with things that swallow up our time,
and suffering should be!

For there is nothing in this life
that's greater than a 'friend!'
And not a thing at all is worth
such accord to know an end!
So be there, ye, for one another,
any time at all;
it only takes a few minutes
to make that precious call!

"The more advanced we get, the more 'apart' we grow?" 
So it seems.  But such should certainly not be!!  Especially with all that's availed to us to keep in touch!  Think about it.


Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Servant's Creed

There are so many wonderful things that a 'Christian' can enjoy!  'Things' that money cannot obtain!  However, that life comes with responsibilities!  Are YOU up to it?

"You have anointed us, o Lord,

to go out into living
to share the wonder of You and
Your wondrous ways of 'giving!'
The 'things' that You distribute, Lord;
Your ways are not our ways;
yet You bless us abundantly
throughout our earthly days!
And we, we are to take those gifts,
distributing at will;
for this we know: from YOUR supply
You constantly refill!

Yes, you have so anointed us,
appointed us, as well.
To take You to the uttermost,
Your Spirit would compel;
everyone at all;
ministering unto each need,
according to Your Call!
Yea, Lord, You so enable us
to go unto the masses
with gifts and great necessities
that, this life, e'er surpasses!
We're blessed!  We're fortunate we choose
to be Your heart and hands
so that, the glories of Your love,
this world understands!"

Yes, remember, we are His heart, His feet, His hands here in this temporary place!  May that be an assignment that we take not lightly!

Monday, November 15, 2021

The Busy River

Time so briefly away from the grind.  Here to escape for awhile to unwind and recuperate.  Doing so out in the glory of God's creation...

The sun and breeze--oblivious
unto activities
of the busyness unending
here in days like these!
So grateful I that they continue
with their priceless gifts-
shining light and giving scents
in a way that lifts!

For underneath the sun men scramble
to do all they can do;
as fast as it can--the whole of life
shines on as if anew!
Flowers blossom...trees bud out...
birds fly here and there...
and the mighty river flows
around the bend somewhere!

The busyness of business--
it almost never ends.
BUT GOD, Himself, provides such wonder
as the time descends,
to pull our focus back to Him
and all His wondrous ways;
He is the perfect "distraction"
here in these latter days!

Precious time away from all else but God's Presence.  Time so needed!  Time so necessary!  Make sure that such time is a part of YOUR day!  You will be all the richer for it!


Saturday, November 13, 2021


Tomorrow is our actual 40th wedding anniversary.  As I prayed and thought of what to write this evening, it occurred to me: why not recount the night before our wedding?

The night before the day that would
completely change my life!
Tomorrow afternoon, I will
receive her as my wife!
The past six months have been a whir
with work and wedding plans;
anyone who goes through this
completely understands!

But it's the night before.  I should be
partying with friends!
But here I find myself, in tears,
and prayer that never ends!
Yes, here I am, with a couple friends
and the Presence of The Lord.
We spend the hours praying to Him
about this blest accord!
No alcohol...no partying...
no revelry at all...
but pray we each for one another
and listen for God's call!
Unconventional?  Of course!
But that's what this group has been!
And, looking forty years ago,
I treasure so those friends!!
And recollecting on those years--
the many ups-and-downs--
at times, we've each been serious,
at other times, such clowns!
And treasure yet I all those days
these years have so contained;
and proud am I that, she and I,
a "marriage" have maintained!

40 years.  Friends have come and gone.  Only a few remain in touch. But the most important part is that my BEST friend is still right here next to me!  GOD IS SO GOOD!!


Friday, November 12, 2021

Mrs. Busby

Looking back.  Most folks who have accomplished what I am looking back upon do so alone.  Not me!  I have an amazing wife to recollect with me, (and fill in the blanks!)

On a Sunday afternoon so long ago,
in a little, bitty car we both did go.
We had fried turkey in a different way,
then, mini-golf, for hours, did we play.
I knew, that afternoon, you were THE ONE,
but kept my mouth shut, savoring the fun!
My sister, Vicki, and my beloved mother,
they also figured there would be no other!
Conspiring between them both a 'wedding plan'
for that lovely young lady and this clumsy man!
And that night, when I took you to your house to be,
I knew, somehow, you would spend your life with me!
Returning home, I stopped upon a hill,
praying...crying...and laughing from the thrill
that 'that little girl that I knew back in school,'
my heart and my emotions, could so rule!

And here we are--over 40 years from then!
For you've made me the happiest of men!
Though life has touched us both so physically,
but, so deep in love, continue we to be!
For to 'The Islands' we have not yet been;
and you listen to 'those memories' now and then;
but promises from 40 years ago we've kept.
We've loved and laughed, we've suffered and we've wept.
And God--so faithful has he been to us:
great kids and grandkids--about which we fuss!
And a home and land we've paid for!  THEY'RE OUR OWN!
Hmm...perhaps 'The Islands,' they may still be known!

40 years, plus seven months of dating.
We have so very much to be celebrating!
Most of all: together we be yet,
as, more 'in love,' but daily, do we get!!

Forty years.  A milestone for couples our age.  A milestone for ANY marriage in the days and times that we live in!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  I am blessed with an amazing wife who has abilities and talents that be oh so rare!  
"Thank You, Father God, for the love compassion, and patience that You have blessed Debby Busby with.  Without those qualities, I don't think she could handle me!"


Thursday, November 11, 2021

A Higher Service

There is an elite group of Americans amongst us.  Some of them be recognizable, but most continue humbly with their lives and their families.  Let's say something to them...

You've gone where THIS man cannot go,
willingly or not;
so I can go about my day,
YOU did the time and fought!
The time and place you factored not,
you signed up anyway--
no word or gift available
could meet deserved pay!

You went where THIS MAN could not go
due unto factors rare;
and you accomplished deeds of which
there's NOTHING to compare!
Combat, compassion or construction--
you obeyed the call;
for EVERY ONE of you involved,
know ye, we're grateful all!
And, now, they call you 'Veteran,'
a title you deserve;
not everyone be brave enough
to enlist and serve
or even answer to a 'draft'
when the time arose.
You are far more than 'average,'
for you are seasoned 'pros!'

Thank you, once more, veterans,
for all that you have done.
We pray for what you yet endure,
it can be far from 'fun!'

Yes, to ANYONE who has served this great country, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  You are appreciated and prayed for by many, including this writer.  God bless you, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Issues and Events

This life is full of them...and they seem to get more and more intense as time goes by!  There is a time, however, guaranteed by God to them that have Jesus' Blood applied, when such will be no more, and only GOOD will exist!

Above all issues and events
there are things so much greater!
Things that will be worth it all
when NEVER is there "later!"
Yea, time is waning, waning ever as
That Day becomes more near,
and issues all, (but not events,)
for they will disappear!

Events will happen at a pace
WE cannot understand!
Thus it be of much more import
to cling unto His hand
and have Him, Jesus, in the heart,
so firmly there indwelt,
as life THEN as we know it not
will fill that Glory Belt!

All issues and events of now
compare but not at all
to that which is awaiting them
responding to His Call!
For only good and perfect things
will be present in that living!
Press on!  Press on, my brother man,

Yea, issues and events of now take a toll on these bodies.  Oh, but there are Promises alive that guarantee far greater, better things than we can ever imagine.
Press on, my friend.  For it WILL be worth it all!


Monday, November 8, 2021

Afternoon...after all...

Walking about the acre, conversing with my Creator, He so articulately reminds me of His presence!  Look with me.  Can YOU see Him?

Amidst the gentle breezes
that autumn would produce,
the remnants of the season
take little to induce
they're floating, without effort,
anywhere they may desire--
so to contribute to November's
bold and gentle fire!

God converses yet again
with me amongst the trees.
For there is not a price to put
on special times like these!
Neither be there price on wisdom
from His words I glean!
So wonderful...so beautiful...
and, with Him, so serene!

A special treat but every day:
the time that we both spend
together in His grand creation--
and it will never end!
For when the days, the days are gone
with scenery like this,
we'll be together, hand-in-hand,
in Heaven's eternal bliss!

"Even so, come quickly, Lord!"
It is my daily cry!
But until then, glimpses of His glory
would my Lord supply!
So faithful He throughout the day,
whatever life would hold,
to remind this man of His
great Presence, oh so bold!

Aahhh...afternoon...after work...after all chores are taken care of, this special time is provided by Him to all that serve Him.  DON'T NEGLECT IT!


Sunday, November 7, 2021

So much to live for!

If you pay attention and take 90% of media to heart, your outlook is probably "What's the point?"  If you are at that point, CHANGE THE CHANNEL OR TURN OFF THE TV!!  For God is for you and He is not against you...regardless of your situation!

Greater realms await the ones
that, onward, ever press.
To not give up, refuse to quit,
is crucial to success!
Whatever be the obstacles,
the path or the event,
do your best, yes, give your all,
advance with all intent!
Too many be the 'reasons' to
accept the 'status quo;'
but most of them be mere 'excuses'
not to further go.
Sure, there are valid 'reasons' that some
can't go any longer,
but those 'without excuse' will find
themselves but getting stronger!
And ALL have opportunity

in JESUS to advance,
just take it to Him, He can
override all 'circumstance!'

The door, it will not shut unless
The Lord provides one more.
Such is proven truth for any
length you serve Him for!
are born again in Christ!
For your advancement and success
but He was sacrificed!
And for our victory over this life
He rose from the grave!
So, when you face that obstacle,
recall why He does save!

NEVER GIVE UP!  Whoever you are, whatever your circumstance, you are valuable and of great use to God!  Ask Him 'What's next?'  He will honor your request.  Do not 'throw in the towel' and quit!  YOU have so much to live for!

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Seasonal Scenes

Attempting to pay attention, I am 'distracted' by the glory and the splendor of the trees as they turn. 'Distracted?'  No, no, no.  BLESSED!!

The vibrancy of maples so
illuminate the land.
It's like The Master takes His brush
and paints each leaf by hand!
The richness right before they float
so gently to the ground
causing a most-glorious 
of tapestry be found!

Hues so warm the atmosphere
so opposite the same!
Take a moment to behold
November's glorious flame!
All else can wait!  Such glory happens
oh but once a year!
So blessed and fortunate be them
that have such vision near!

Yes, November in the scenery--
so blatant and so clear!
Thank God Creator for His order
ever to endear!
Such a treat unto the eyes
that take time to behold.
God Most High--so very subtle,
God Most High--so bold!

Yea, blessed be them that take time to behold such grandeur!  (Fortunate be them that live in a place where all four seasons occur!)  NEVER take the weather for granted!  What may be a curse to some may be a blessing to others.  God knows what He's doing.  Stand back and enjoy.


Friday, November 5, 2021

WHERE is "Church?"

Being raised in San Diego county, I never thought I would see the day when 'weather' would prevent us from going to God's House every time the doors opened!  Moving to the middle of the country, (and maturing a little bit!) I realized that 'church' does not always happen in a specified 'building!'  WE ARE THE CHURCH!  And with temps in the single digits, she and I can have service right here!

Having service at our house
instead of at God's Own.
Just she and I in fellowship--
but we are NOT alone!
The brilliance and the beauty of
what's fallen overnight,
it glows and glistens in the 
morning sun--it's quite a sight!
But dangerous a sight, as well,
as roads cannot be seen!
But 'missing church and fellowship'
it doesn't have to mean!
For taking time together with
His singing and His Word,
and paying heed to HIS input
makes 'church' to be occurred!
It may be single digits out there,
(even some below!)
but, in here, with The Trinity,
everything is aglow!!
We may be 'inconvenienced,' missing
'gathering' and 'things,'
but we are surely 'Sunday blessed'
by what the Spirit brings!
Though this and 'church' on television
may be substitute,
a blessing always we receive
that NO MAN can refute!

Yes, we are prevented from leaving the house for the moment.  God, however, makes His Presence known as we make time for Him, and He honors our efforts!  HE IS SO FAITHFUL!


So many ways to unwind after a very busy day.  Come with me.  Let's sit out here on the deck and look out across His creation...

The sun upon decline to see
the land aglow once more,
bringing into vision what 
we've come to so adore!
His handiwork aplenty as
the afternoon fades out,
He proves to them that pay attention

Birds of every color fly
but all about the land,
gathering the nourishment 
He scatters with His hand.
Deer of several number graze
as some stay out-of-sight;
at ANY time, their grace and beauty
is of great delight!
And puffy clouds of brilliant white
float high above the hills,
contorting into many shapes
by the breeze that swills!

Another priceless eve created
by Creator God!
His generosity and ways
but all life would applaud!
Without Him, there would be NO life,
so, blessed, each man should be
that he can even take a breath
and hear, taste, smell and see!!

Yes, taste and see!  For the Lord is good this late afternoon!  Blessed be them that take time out of their busyness to notice His creation.  For it is all too easy to get caught up in everything else!


Thursday, November 4, 2021


'Ministers.'  That is not a title reserved for a precious few.  It is a calling applied to every heart in which Jesus Christ dwells.  Question is: do YOU heed that calling?

Transactions all throughout the day--

reaching out my hand.
I try to do it quickly using
words they understand.
Often comes a car along
that needs more than mere 'food;'
getting THEM through 'very quickly'
would be downright rude!
No, they have a much greater need
than purchasing a meal.
Holy Spirit checks my heart
and I do not appeal.
I write down their request, (which is
not on the 'menu board,')
And, when there is a break in cars,
I take it to the Lord.

Not ALL 'ministry' takes place
in a church's hallowed halls.
For Jesus Christ has got a 'Church,'
and it is without walls!
So fortunate and blessed, THOSE members,
as we are in use
at any time, in any place,
and beyond all 'excuse!'

Being in employ of God--
His work, it never ends!
Sometimes, it makes enemies,
but, most times, it makes friends.
And even sometimes it makes 'brothers'
of the ones in need.
Be open, therefore, to those times
and, always, take much heed!

There are divine appointments all throughout the day.  All throughout OUR day, whomever you are!  It matters not your occupation, what matters is your willingness to be available and open to His gentle whispers.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Any Success At All!

Life is happening.  It may not be happening exactly how WE want, but we LIVE nonetheless... all due His amazing grace!  Somewhere in that 'daily living,' we MUST make time to step back and acknowledge His Presence!  For it is only due to Him that we have any success at all!

The glory and the majesty,
the splendor and the awe...
they all exist as day goes on
in spite of any flaw!
This living and its many ways
affect His glory not;
behold Him in His fulness, there is
separation not!

As busy as this life becomes,
He panics not at all.
He sees the end result regardless
what may come to call!
Remaining cool, collected, calm,
all order He retains;
and, pressing through, upon our part,
so garners many gains!

Yea, focus on the task at hand
while KNOWING what's ahead,
become we each victorious
as, by HIM, we are led!
The glory and the majesty--
they are and they will be,
and all the more incredible
when, His face, we shall see!

Yes, the glory, majesty and sheer Presence of Jesus Christ spur us to press on ahead...no matter what!  For we are IN this world, but we are not OF this world.  Though we must go through the ups-and-downs of everyday, we KNOW that it is worth it all in time!

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Out in the field...

The middle of the afternoon.  Labor is over for the day, so God and I walk the fields.  We converse so freely as I inspect the fruit that He blesses us with... 

As I walk the rows with Him,

inspecting precious fruit,
we talk of many other things
than the field's sheer loot;
We also talk of lighter things
as we there converse...
and so commune we, God and I,
in ways one can't rehearse.

As afternoon progresses,
We both scan above the grove.
Behold the valleys and the hills:
oh, what treasure-trove!
And to the east, a little north,
Idyllwild in white!
Though it is several hours away,
it is a massive sight!

From Sleeping Indian, I see
landscapes so very vast:
groves and farms so rife with fruit--
soon, harvest will be past.
But, in the distance, that so white
and almost set aglow,
so captivates the vision and
the pen begins to flow...

Idyllwild, so awesome,
erect in majesty
so captivates the senses
of them that look and see!

Yes, there are glorious landscapes and sights all around and WHEREVER we are!  We must only slow down a bit and take note of them!  For God creates them, and we are all the richer as we behold them, giving HIM all the glory!

Monday, November 1, 2021

Trusting Trust!

A brand new day.  A brand new week...or is it?  One of the prophets wrote "...there is nothing new under the sun."  Yet, in another place, we are assured  that "...His mercies are newer every day!"  Continue to trust Him, even when we cannot see anything at all!

Peril...peace and panic--

the day contains them all
for each and every one that would
respond to Jesus' call.
Some more extreme than others,
yet every day the same;
so grateful for the canopy
of Jesus' Holy Name!

The hand of God is present
wherever we are led.
We need not fear advancing
as long as He is head.
No greater way to prosper,
to heal or even rest!
The promises of God Most High,
they are the very best!

In peril, peace and panic,
our God remains the same:
availing His great grace for all
to very freely claim!
and bring Him all burdens--
His shoulders, they are wide.
Oh live for Him, yes, live IN Him,
you WILL be satisfied!

Most of us have some idea of what the day may contain.  Others have occupations and assignments where they know not what to expect!  BUT GOD is faithful, and, whoever we are, we can depend upon Him to be part of that day.  All it takes is TRUST!