Thursday, October 21, 2021

Time to behold!

The glory and the majesty of October afternoon.  So blue the sky; so many the other colors...on the limbs and on the land!  Have you got a second?

Involved but fully in that 'list'
that's almost everyday;
accomplishing the many things
upon the narrow way;
getting done what I'm assigned
and that to which I'm led;
so very many things are done,
so many things are said.

And then I'm 'captured' by the vision
of the glorious land!
The beauty constantly created
by His mighty hand! 
And steeled is this man in his tracks
as all those things are halted;
I take it in as best I can
and HIS NAME is exalted

That 'list' is briefly set aside 
as glory is beheld!
Life will get done, in its time,
and nothing will be felled.
O but glorious the land upon
this sunny autumn day!
O see it for yourself, my friend,
and send accolades His way!

Seized by the scenery!  Halted by merely noticing the works of His hand!  It happens often, and it is ALWAYS memorable!  See it for yourself, won't you?

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