Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Worth of 'Time'

Time is valuable.  Period!  However, are some times worth more than other times?  Hmm...

The moon is so incredible
above the autumn lake;
I notice as, at end of day,
such precious rest I take.
In the after hours, before
precious sleep is found,
I sit outside, above it all,
and slowly look around.
So brilliant as to so outshine
so very many a star;
even casting shadows of
the images that are!
And seizing me as I unwind
from all that was at last.
Time--I see that, in this place,
it goes not by too fast!
For this is NECESSARY time
to listen and to hear...
to visit with my Father as
He is sojourning here...
to take note of His grand creation
in the shining light
of a late October moon--
so very, very bright!

Time so very necessary,
valuable as well!
Time for no one else but Him--
His Spirit to compel!
Time to be redeemed by Him
as soon as we arrive;
time to grow...time to rest...
time to surely thrive!

Of a truth there are times throughout the day to spend with God, but right now, overlooking the lake, with a full moon illuminating all of His creation, somehow time seems more valuable!


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